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  1. noobpoodle
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Hi, I'm noob poodle! I was wondering I am trying to get elements on a form to be created,
    That is.. added to the form when a user increases a quantity field.

    Form is all working great, really like the plugin, but can't get it!

    Is there a simple way to have for example, a file upload input added for each additional quantity that some one selects? Or any other form element for that matter. Any help is greatly appreciated. I also wish that my total field would update when quantity is increased but that might be unrelated.. Hope there are some simple ways to make these forms a bit more interactive. Thanks!

  2. tryyourluck
    Posted 2 years ago #


    please see this plugin, personalized option manager, it has nice file upload option it may help you.

  3. noobpoodle
    Posted 2 years ago #

    @tryyourluck thanks I think I already have a file upload working Just that I can't figure how to have additional upload inputs added to the form as someone increases quantity. And then removed when it is reduced, basically to keep a number of a certain form input in line with quantity. Maybe that can be done with that plugin but looking at the page up by N-Media for that plugin nothing really tells me that it can. I will take a closer look at it though!
    So if I choose a total of 5 quantity for example, I get five upload fields. Don't need to have a cost associated with them just five fields that allow an upload. And if I reduce to 3 it removes two of those inputs, if I increase to 10 then there are that many file upload fields that fade in nicely as the quantity is increased.

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