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    I have been testing woocommerce (most recent version) locally and everything has worked beautifully….however when I enabled it at a “live” development location the reviews tab on the products detail page has completely disappeared!
    This is with a fresh install of WordPress, the only activated plugin being WooCommerce, and TwentyEleven being the (current) active theme. Looking at the code, there is no reference to the reviews tab at all!
    I am completely baffled here… does anyone have any ideas what’s gone wrong here.
    For what it’s worth this site is hosted at hostgator, and I have an inactive child theme with woocommerce display modifications inserted (in the theme – no modifications to the plugin files) which works fine locally

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  • Here is the issue/solution
    => There is no problem with the reviews tab when all products are uncategorized
    => There is no problem when products are categorized on a single level
    => The reviews tab disappears when a second level of categories is introduced
    => The issue persists once second level categories are introduced … even when all categories & products have been deleted
    So if you never create a series of second level categories in the first place everything will go just fine!

    Ok I have looked everywhere to try and find out why my review tabs are missing.
    I have even put in
    add_action( ‘woocommerce_product_tabs’, ‘woocommerce_product_reviews_tab’, 30 );
    add_action( ‘woocommerce_product_tab_panels’, ‘woocommerce_product_reviews_panel’, 30 );
    to try and add them.

    In admin mode the product appears with review box at the bottom, but it doesnt appear when the product is displayed/

    I only have one product and one category. All the setting relating to reviews are set to show reviews, stars etc.

    I think the problem may be to do with the general setting of comments
    “Allow people to post comments on new articles”. If this is on then the reviews appear in the tabs. However, if you want to restrict comments to specific posts, products say, then the reviews don’t appear even if they exist. The test is comments_open() true. Although you can set the comments on for particular posts you cant for Products, so they will always return false.
    So that’s why I think it doesn’t work.

    I’ve the same problem as “jeffmcnear” bur none of your answers helps me to resolve my problem 🙁

    All my stuff is well configure but since the last update of woocommerce i have exactly problem that you mention : “In admin mode the product appears with review box at the bottom, but it doesnt appear when the product is displayed”…

    Is there anyone who have the same problem with an happy issue ?!

    I do not have the same problem.
    However I have a question regarding the label “Review” on the Review tab for Product in Woocommerce.

    What is the name I use with display:none to hide the label ‘Review’?

    I do not want to modify any .php files. I only want to use the hide:none in the Weaver II theme Advanced Options section (CSS rules).

    I only want to hide ‘Reviews’. I want to keep the other tab names as they are.

    I have used names that have appeared in the ‘view-source’ but none of them have hide ‘Reviews’ labe.

    I would appreciate any help someone can give me.

    I have the same problem! My reviews tab has disappeared and I have no idea why. Comment settings are all enabled.

    I have managed to enable my reviews.
    On the Product post for a product under product data there is a tab Advanced. In this tab is a setting to enable reviews for that product.
    This worked for me.

    Dillx thank you!! So simple but it worked, I can’t believe I missed it!

    Hi All,
    I found another way to fix this also. I found that only 1 of my products was missing the Reviews tab and couldn’t find where to fix it on the regular “edit” page.
    FIX: Select “Quick Edit” from your product listings for the product that is effected, you’ll see the option to “Allow Comments” and a check box. Check the box and you’re good to go!

    Hope this helps someone.

    My WooCommerce tab is completely missing, I’ve seen several posts saying to go to my “functions.php” to change (taxonomy)? Now that I look deeper into my site, I’ve noticed that all of my products, product categories and WooCommerce tab are missing! If there is anyone that explain how to get this working again it would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance

    shopdjc same thing for me after updating… not just review but the product details tab is gone too.

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