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  • Is it possible to use both of these plugins in conjunction? I need a way to have different handling charges based upon the quantity of items they order. Then I need to have access to UPS to calculate the shipping costs. It doesn’t seem that these two can work together to do that. Anyone have any ideas?

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  • Hi,

    I’m having this issue and was told that I would need a developer to make these work together. I was surprised by this response because I think that the Woo Extensions should be developed to work together!




    Hello there!

    Any updates on this (or developers who can make it work)? I’m interested in doing the same thing, but with the Table Rate Shipping and USPS plugins. Any help would be greatly appreciated!




    Me too – Have any of you opened a ticket with WooCommerce to find a solution?

    We can put a man on the moon… 🙂



    Yes, but basically the response was to hire a Woo developer to make these work together! Not a very positive answer I must say.




    I can’t believe they are not able to make these work together, that really upsets me. All of the hosted store sites offer this feature, if WooCommerce is trying to be a major they need to get their act together and make this work. Even adding more handling charges options inside of WooCommerce would be fine.

    We’re in the same situation. The Table Rate Shipping V2 Extension is very powerful but will not calculate the cost for shipping based on UPS rates. Let’s help each other out. If anyone finds a developer to do this, please post who you worked with and the cost for the project. Perhaps we could all go in on it together. Setting up a Zone in Table Rate for each city, state etc would take a long time. We need Table Rate Shipping V2 to communicate with UPS via their API to extract the shipping cost based on location of where the item(s) are shipping to.

    Pack Tables are supported in this new WooCommerce UPS extension I wrote 🙂

    Thank you, Max! I was just facing the problem of finding a WooCommerce UPS plugin that uses a customer’s negotiated rates. Purchase coming soon!

    the link Max posted has a red X “Out of Stock”. how could software be out of stock? or out of business?
    this all is a bit confusing for a new comer. i make, okay, WP sites and want to turn them into carts. it’s between WP ecommerce and Woocommerce. there’s only two things a seller has to do.
    1. calculate shipment (not free not flat) based on UPS negotiated rate tables
    2. accept payment

    i can’t tell what works or not. who wants to pay for something that doesn’t work or doesn’t have a feature i didn’t know i needed?

    @freshwater – try the official WooCommerce extension for UPS, I believe it supports pack tables and negotiated rates now:

    @max – thanks max! i was just about to start a new topic because this one was so old and didn’t think anyone would look here. i’m new here. do you think i should start a new topic because my issues are NOT exactly the original poster? WP is very easy and powerful. if my above 1. and 2. can be solved i think WP would get tens of thousands of new users.

    Yep, pretty sure that WordPress + WooCommerce will be able to handle what you want to do there 🙂

    @max I’m having issues with the official WooCommerce UPS extension and having trouble getting help. I’ve tried customer support, yet I still don’t even know if it is a problem on my end that can be fixed, or a problem with the extension itself that I can’t do anything about. I desperately need help. This is the one issue keeping me from going live. Could I PM or email you and tell you what’s happening and maybe you’ll have an idea of how to proceed?


    Definitely best to get in touch with their support at — they’ll be able to help you 🙂

    I did. They’ve labeled it “resolved” even though it isn’t. They just sent a link to the table rate shipping extension

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