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    Hi there,

    I’m a relative newcomer to WordPress and Woocommerce, but finding my way around quite nicely.

    I’m in the process of updating our business’s website and part of that is to set up our new shopping cart using Woocommerce. We are a winery and sell wine case lots of 12 to our database of customers and I need to find out how to set our new cart up to make sure that orders are only placed in multiples of 12. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to do this, or is there a function that I’ve missed or a plugin that I’ve overlooked? I haven’t been involved in the backend of designing our carts previously, so I’m not privvy to how this sort of thing works.

    Hope someone can help me out with my little dilemma.

    Thanks in advance.


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  • Plugin Author Mike Jolley



    Ensuring multiples of 12 would require custom development. I know the problem your having cannot be solved with variations or selling cases because you’ll want to mix and match. You’ll need a developer to implement this.

    Just multiple the price of an item by 12 and change the title to “Case of 12 bottles of XXXXXXXX ”

    Plugin Author royho


    Hmmm why not just do the obvious and create a product that has the price of 12?? Name the product Case of 12 Wine Name…and if you want single unit price as well you can additional create a 1 bottle wine product…etc.

    Thanks for all of your input.

    Mike, it appears that your suggestion is the most practical one, although it may cost a little bit to do. Ultimately, though, it will pay off in the end.

    Thanks for the other suggestions, guys, however as Mike pointed out, at least 80% of our orders involve a mix-n-match situation, and as different lines and varieties have different prices, creating a “Case of 12 bottles” product for each configuration would be almost impossible.

    I have been dealing with a local WordPress/Woocommerce specialist in our region, though, and he is working on creating a plugin extension for this issue.

    Thanks again for your input though.

    Sorry, I posted to the wrong thread…



    Could it be possible to sell the products through Woocommerce.
    We can buy the products in WordPress Woocommerce but m not able to understand whether it could be possible to sell products through Woocommerce?

    If it is not possible to do in woocommerce?
    Then which thing would help me to sell as well as buy thr products?
    Please guide me on this….



    I have been dealing with a local WordPress/Woocommerce specialist in our region, though, and he is working on creating a plugin extension for this issue.
    Is there any news on the development of this plugin to solve mix and match wine purchases?
    Could the Min/Max Quantities extension help to solve this issue?



    @arachneworks Is there a min/max extension that’s available somewhere?




    Yes, my Woocommerce guru has managed to change the cart rules so that purchases must be made in multiples of 12. If I’m selling a whole case of wine, I can create a product and load it into the Exceptions box. If you would like to know more, contact me privately and I’ll get my guy to get in touch with you.




    Here is the link



    Thanks for your quick response Arachneworks. I did eventually come across that link deeper in the forum. It’s not really going to address what I need (multiple shipping structures for discounts, packages, etc.

    This is the first time I’ve used the WooCommerce plugin and I was able to wrestle it into doing a few things I needed, so I’m good for the time being 🙂

    Thanks again for your offer and your help.



    Hi Adinfern, thanks, exceptions box is new to me, I would like to make contact, but how? Could you let me know at

    Hi Adinfern, can you please put me in touch with your developer – I have the exact same issue to be resolved.


    Hi, busy working on a Wine shop where I also needed to sell in multiples of 6. I got it to work with this code (added to my function.php)

    function order_steps_func(){
    global $woocommerce;
    if (is_checkout()){
    $steps = 6;
    if( $woocommerce->cart->cart_contents_count % 6 != 0){
     $woocommerce->add_error( sprintf(__('Sorry, you must order in multiples of ' . $steps . ' bottles. Please adjust your cart or <a href="%s/shop">return to the shop to add more →</a>', 'woocommerce'), home_url()) );
        wp_redirect( get_permalink( woocommerce_get_page_id( 'cart' ) ) );

    So this fires when loading the checkout page and basically just checks if the cart total (cart_contents_count) is divisible by 6. If not it shows a error message on the cart page. Just change the values to whatever you need.

    I am not a PHP guru but got this to work, hope it helps.

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