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  • Resolved Mim2012


    First of all, I LOVE your WooCommerce Plug-In!
    I’m still learning it, but so far,
    it’s wonderful!

    Thank you!! Thank you!!

    I am creating a site to sell fabric. I needed the option to
    let the customer choose to order only a (smaller price)sample,
    or (higher price) fabric by the yard.

    I got the attributes and variables set to correctly reflect the
    choices. (finally . .lol!)

    The price on both the main product page and the individual product
    page now states “from” (which is the lesser sample price).

    Is there a way to reverse the order? I tried several options, but was unsuccessful in my attempts.

    The problem is that it seems to me that the price is misleading.

    As it is, once I set all products with these variables, ALL fabrics will now show: from $3.00.

    Regardless if the fabric costs $20.00 p/yd or $45.00 p/yd – they’re all going to show the “from” $3.00 on the main products page.

    I notice that using the variables also replaces the “add to cart” ribbon on the main product page with “select options”. . . .which makes sense, but it would be nice to control that as well – if they don’t need a sample, it would be nice to have the buyer be able to “add to cart”.

    The site is not live, so I did not include a link.

    Thank you in advance for any help!

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    My client is a misunderstanding with From: min price.
    So with variable produce I don’t want display min price on the product page
    Please help me

    Plugin Author Mike Jolley


    You can hook into the price html function and change what is shown:

    Hi Mike,

    Thank you!


    Hi Mike and everybody else. Here is my problem for the last five days!

    This is going to be a bit of a long email I am afraid.

    Thanks for your reply but I am really having a shit week with these variations. I am attaching some screen shots to see if you can make head nor tail of it as I have had 5 days of nothing but a nightmare scenario. Let me explain.

    1 See image 1d = All the Attributes how they are set in the Configure Terms.

    2. See Figure 1C = How the attributes show when I import them to variations using Link Variations.
    There are 67 attributes/variations in total for a door. The order should start from the smallest size (see image 1d up to the largest so on and so forth).

    3. The attributes show up in the drop down menu on View Page in the right order, i.e. that is in the same order as they appear in the Attributes>Door Sixes>Configure Terms.


    See images: Capture_Var1, Capture_Var1a, Capture_Var_1b

    Capture_Var1 shows the variations with nothing in the boxes, although I have set all the stock to 100 using the edit button at the top and put in a stock quantity of 100. This shows up in most of the variations but not all.

    Capture_var1a shows the variation size 355 X 595 with the stock box filled in with a quantity of 100, the price box filled in with a price and the tax class set to standard.

    Than I hit the UPDATE button.

    Capture _var1b – shows the same variation after the update button has been clicked to save the information in the contents of the variation and still it will not save it.

    Also note between images Var1 and 1b the other variations around variation number #993 in Capture_var1 the numbers above are #982 and #979 and when I save the information I input (although it is not saved) see the numbers above #993 change to #992 and #982.

    As I have explained before (I believe) I have set these variations before only 3-4 weeks ago and they all imported into attributes in the order I required them and when I imported them into variations I went through them one a time using the drop down box and put them all in the right order. Then when I saved them they all stayed in that order.

    So why now do they all keep jumping all over the place, some save the information inserted in each variation and some do not, and if the information is not saving then that size does not show up in the front end on the product drop down list as there is no price to display. How certain can somebody be that all their product prices are showing on the front end each time. Because it seems to me that everytime you use the update button it throws everything into dissarrray.

    If you can recommend a good screencatching video software that I can do a small video for you on what is happening at my end. But I mean in all fairness I have spent 5 days at this now and still getting nowhere. I have even tried to do the sizes and give them a slug of “Door Size 01” all the way up to “Door Size 67” to see if that would keep them in order and it does nothing.

    Is this a bug with your woo commerce because if it is then nobody will be in business long if this is what is happening all the time. And speaking of not being in business for long, I wonder if I will ever get mine off the ground!

    Really, Really Really, Really, Really, Frustrating.

    I hope you can come up with a solution before the end of business today.

    Hello Mike,

    I need to piggyback on the question posed by Mimi. I assumed that when you wrote “You can hook into the price html function and change what is shown: …” that would have solved the issue. Looking at woocommerce 2.02, I’m not seeing the wc-product. I see wc-product with suffixes external, factory, grouped, simple, variable, and variation. My needs are similar to Mimi’s in that I don’t want to the minimum price is my product variations to be displayed. In my variation layout, I need the price to be picked up from the fourth price. Where in the class structure can I go about changing this? I also want to change the text from “from” to “price per yard” for my variations. Thanks.

    You can try one of these extensions:
    (requires a gravity forms license but is awesome)

    Hope this helps.

    Cool, I’ll give it a go. Thanks for the reply.

    Hello wonderful wp users,
    After I updated to woocommerce 2.0, the variation is not working . Would you please help ?:) ( size specifically
    Many thanks for your time
    Cheers, Van

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