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  • Plugin Author Mike Jolley


    See the developer tab on the plugin page, I think you mean 1.5.8 though.

    Ultimately if you ever want to update again you’ll need to sort out your theme – the main change was removing loop-shop.php

    In the developer’s tab it says that the previous version is 1.6.

    The website worked fine with the previous version. After the update to 1.6.1 the website is all screwed up.

    I have the same problem! Is this a bug with the new version? I didn’t make any design changes (or otherwise) that would have been lost with the upgrade. It just doesn’t look right now.

    Plugin Author Mike Jolley


    It’s possible that we upgraded to 1.6.1 straight from 1.5.8.
    Regardless of the numbers, the latest version doesn’t work!

    You can see it on our website,
    We are using the Sommerse theme from ThemeForest,

    Before the upgrade our website worked in a similar way to the original.

    After the upgrade many things changed, such as:

    1)Titles of Featured Products on the main page changed from CAPITAL LETTERS to NON-CAPITAL.

    2)The nice frames with shadows around the pictures (see the original) are now gone ! Pictures have no frames!

    3)Because there are no frames, the “SALE” sign just hangs in the air.

    4)Before the upgrade we were able to control the number of columns on the main page. We were able to switch between 5 nicely aligned columns of pictures AND 4 columns of pictures + “Featured Products” title on the side (see the original theme).
    Now we can only have 4 columns of frameless pictures and they are skewed to the left ! (see

    5) In the “shop” area it’s even worse. Regardless of the number of columns that we preset, it always gives us the following:
    *Row of 3 columns
    *Row of 1 column
    *Row of 3 columns
    *Row of 1 columns

    See the problem here:

    PLEASE help us with those problems.

    Anyone can reply /solve the problems ?

    Plugin Author royho


    The new version dropped the loop-shop so it is very possible your theme is using it. I would suggest you contact your theme developer for them to update your theme.

    The theme developer doesn’t provide after sale theme support/updates.
    But how is that a responsibility of theme developers ?
    There are probably 100’s of themes that worked with the previous version of Woo Commerce plugin.
    If Woo Commerce are releasing a new version, shouldn’t they make sure it’s a working version?

    Plugin Author royho


    Actually if a theme is said to support a certain plugin, then YES it most absolutely a theme developer’s responsibility. But it is at their discretion if they want to give that kind of support or not.

    You have to remember that there is no way for Woocommerce to anticipate every type of themes out there and therefore can’t assure it will work/look correctly in any situation. They most likely test it against their own themes (of course) and probably the default 2010/2011 themes.

    But ultimately it is the responsibility of the person taking care of the site to know what to do in a situation like this. If it’s a theme issue, then correct it and if you don’t know how and theme developer is not responding, then you would need to look for an alternate route. Sure you can stick to the older version of woocommerce but this is usually not recommended as newer versions come with bug fixes, security vulnerabilities…etc.

    Unfortunately that is the harsh truth if you’re wanting to build your own site. Either that or you can hire a developer.

    Royho, thank you for the reply, but you are wrong.

    There are thousands of websites that run on the WooCommerce plugin.
    Now Woocommerce decides to screw up those websites overnight, and the website owners should stop doing their business and start looking for solution for their website problem??????

    Maybe instead WooCommerce should not release updates that will screw up thousands of websites ?

    Plugin Author Mike Jolley


    Maybe you should test updates with third party themes (or check with the theme developers) in advance, especially with major updates.

    In a perfect world we’d keep it compatible with everything, but in the name of progress we need to change things time to time. There were ample disclaimers and notices in the readme of the 1.6 update.

    Plugin Author royho


    Again as Mike stated “in the perfect world it would just work with any theme”…

    Whenever there are updates, as a developer, you should perform the updates on a staging/test environment first prior to deploying it on a live site. This way you’re not blindsided by any issues that may occur.

    And sometimes major changes do occur and for a good reason and it requires you to in-turn update other things but that is part of refinement and is a necessary step.

    So does anyone have a solution to this problem ???

    How can we remove the non-working version of WooCommerce and return to the one that worked (1.5.8?) ?

    Plugin Author Mike Jolley


    If you really want to run an old version forever rather than fix your problems go ahead; download here

    You’ll gradually find less and less plugins and themes support your site, be advised.

    Mike, we would like the problems to be fixed, but WooCommerce prefers not to fix them.
    So what can we do ?
    If we install ver 1.5.8 and then remove the latest WooCommerce ver, will it erase all our items from the store ?

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