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    I have read the WC docs, googled and youtubed how to add these pictures. Every time I follow the steps on wc website(via WC Docs) to add multiple images under the “featured” image it looks like this image.

    I uploaded the shoe picture to the “feature image” and “upload/insert” in the description. I would like for the additional pictures to be thumbnails under the feature image. Any help would be great.

    Example of what I want it to look like…go to…click on the features image (red vans era shoe) and you can see the two additional images below it.


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  • Maybe this helps:

    Upload the additional images you want to show under the featured image, but don’t click to insert them, instead click “save all changes”

    Then it should take you to the gallery tab, where the images have been added. You might have to click “save” there too. I think that’s it. Just close the pop-up window, and save your product.

    You should only add them to the gallery, but not actually insert the gallery into the product.

    I hope this helps you in any way. I find this way very user-unfriendly. I rather would have a tab “images” under the “Product data” where you have basic upload fields. I have no idea how I have to sell this to my client 🙁

    I’m just starting now with woocommerce and I have the same problem…. where do you upload the additional images? I cannot see the gallery tab.

    Same issue here… I don’t see the “gallery” tab… thanks!

    me too, i can’t see the gallery tab

    I have understand how i insert the additional images. Is there no way to take the images from the mediathek?

    Like WooCommerce but the image handling seems to be agonizingly cumbersome. There is just the WP gallery. Only way I have associated multiple images with one product is to upload multiple images, click Set Featured Image, then select the one I really want “featured” and click Set Featured Image again. But, g-d help me if I want to change which one is featured or eliminate or add images to a product. More people than I cannot see how to set up a gallery for a product. That gallery should also not be duplicates of the main media gallery images in WP. After setting up my shop with less than 100 products, and going through the above process, I had 350 images in the main gallery. Then, deleting all but one of each set of duplicates removed the image from the most product listings AND the remaining image listed in the media gallery HAD no image showing…just the name. This is NOT at all intuitive. Very cumbersome, and I am a former network administrator. The instructions at WooCommerce do not match what appears on one’s screen. No ability, that I can see, to just select multiple images in the main media gallery to associate with one product & then select the featured image. There should be no need to create multiple galleries…just pick images & select the featured image. Picking them should not create copies. This is really agonizing, as I said.

    The product image gallery is not working for me. Every time I click on product gallery to add related photos to the featured image it leads me no where. When I click on it is sends me to the top of the page, it does not lead me to a place to upload any supplementary images. I have tried updating my theme, wordpress and woocommerce to fix the issue but it is not working. Can you please help me?

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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