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    The full user guide and API Docs can be viewed here.

    Bug Reports and contributions

    Don’t post bug reports here – use the issue tracker on GitHub:

    Feature Requests

    Feature requests should be posted on the ideas board here.


    If you do need support, before posting check the WooCommerce > System Status page. This can often reveal errors which you may not know about.

    We’ll occasionally stop by here, but your much more likely to get support via

    And remember..

    WooCommerce is open source so any support is welcome from the community 🙂 Be it spreading the word, contributing to core, or just helping other users; your support is much appreciated.

    Please remember to rate WooCommerce if you like it, and also click the ‘works’ button on the plugin page to report WC working with your versions.

    And if you do click the ‘broken’ button let us know why its broken so we can help you and others.

    Thanks and I hope you enjoy working with WooCommerce!

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  • Your support page is gone…

    I have a question: Why doesn’t the “search” query variations? Here’s the site I’m working on:

    There are hundreds of fragrances that are “variations”, so if you search for a particular fragrance, say “True Religion” it doesn’t come up in the search…this makes the search useless…what do you suggest I do, other than create a “product” for each individual scent?

    Ho Do I post a question on this forum please

    I keep getting an error message on my checkout in wootique that says

    ‘invalid merchant configuration

    how do i resolve this please


    we all prefer this type of support forum, whilst your support is fab often a question will have been answered here in the past, thus you are making more work for yourself by asking us to submit it via your website

    You support link does not work and I’ve been really needing some assistance … it’s been like that for quite a while.

    I just cant get wooecommerce to work in genisis themes

    I need help please



    it would be better for customer relations and possible plugin sales if you visited the forum more frequently, if people lose interest they will dump the software soon , good business involves more interaction with customers !



    Genesis has its own forum for support which is very good. ( There’s a sales clue here Woocommerce guys).
    Here’s a link to the Genesis connect plugin.

    Johnny B


    I would like to add a specific email address to each item which gets emailed when a purchase is made. This email address will be mailed in addition to the address set up in the WC config pages.

    Is this possible ?

    Dalla Santa


    how to get the attributes radio button?
    and not in the dropdown menu.
    is this possible?
    ps: I am French and my English is not perfect. 🙁



    Add to cart button not showing up when selecting “Variable Product.



    hi need help if anyone can please…

    my issue is that the add to cart button doesn’t appear when i select variations.

    i have 3 variations,
    what happens is that i can select the first two variations but when it comes to selecting the third variations it just resets or clears out the first two variations and doesn’t show the add to cart button…

    Thanks in advance!




    basically we are selling mp3 file in zip mode

    problem is
    1. if upload in woocommerce uploads folder after buy buyer get 404 error mesaage
    2. if give different url download working

    Please solve


    Is there a way to search this support forum? There are thirty some-odd pages of issues now….



    I second’s question. I have a lot of questions/thoughts, but I do not want to post about subjects explained X amount of times allready. I also do not want to click though all pages to try to find something that might not even be there.

    Please consider putting up a searchable forum on your homesite:
    with something like



    Hi There can’t seem to find where to post my problems so can I ask it here please?

    How do you increase the number of products to show on the shop page as it is limiting me to 5 products on the page and putting the remain on another page ?

    Many Thanks


Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 36 total)
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