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  • I have Abundance theme and Woocommerce. In my checkout, after filling in address info, etc and hitting button for Place Order, the following message appears at the top of that page – {“result”:”success”,”redirect”:”http:\/\/\/checkout-2\/pay\/?key=order_5075ce26679d6&order=25629″}

    This keeps repeating each time you click Place Order. Anyone have a fix for this?


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  • Having the same issue in Woocommerce with the Canvas theme. Strangely enough transactions seem to work when accessed through Paypals own Sandbox test site. Did you find a resolution to your problem? WooThemes support is painfully slow to respond.
    Similar issue mentioned by dshawotet on page one of this thread and Thomas Morley on the third page. Glad to see I’m not the only one having an issue with this. Anybody have any suggestions?

    I’m having a similar problem , it happens on the checkout page when selecting PayPal, then clicking submit order button. It creates a pending order which can be paid by clicking the pay button on the My Account page. Through this route you get the Checkout > Pay page and no errors when you click Pay for Order. The problem seems to be on the checkout page specifically but I have no idea where to go from here.

    Just spoke to one of the Woo guys and apparently I’ve got a bunch of extra Javascript running I don’t need.

    See code here:

    Told me to remove it and see if that changes anything. Will report back if it works.
    What I did find that bypassed the error for some reason was using a paid e-commerce PayPal system that requires an API username and Signature – for example Marketpress ($20 the PayPal Express Checkout through WooCommerce (which alas costs $50). Funnily enough (or not as the case may be) paid for the Woo plugin and not ten minutes later got the suggestion to remove the code from Woo. Maybe they saw they’d just made $50 and took pity on me 😉
    Will report back if this fixes the issue, hope this gives someone a slightly more optimistic outlook – was really starting to lose my mind over this.

    Okay, turns out that myself and Woo support can’t figure out where this script is located, but they did identify it as coming from Attracta, which I know I may have picked up through their SEO option in CPanel via HostGator. Sorry that’s not much help, but hopefully if it prevents people from using the SEO setup and this happening in the future then it’s worth it.

    I activated Attracta through HostGator recently so this makes sense! I removed my site from the Attracta account, but that alone doesn’t seem to have helped since I’m still getting the error. I just submitted a support ticket to HostGator with this info to see if there is any help they can provide.

    HostGator moved the .fastinclude file, which is where the Attracta include is coming from; the checkout page now works! Thank you for your help getting this resolved!

    Glad it worked out for you! Almost lost my mind trying to resolve this issue. Maybe Woo could add this to their list of things to check when troubleshooting the PayPal checkout within their documentation. I had followed all of their suggestions within that document and this was obviously what was causing the issue. Anyway, best of luck in the future!


    I am having the same problem using the cardsave payment gateway on the twenty eleven theme.

    Has anyone got any ideas how I can fix this problem?

    Any help appreciated


    I have the same problem and wasting days trying to solve it.

    I am using prostore wordpress theme. I am setting up the ecommerce with woocommerce plugin.

    When I place the order, thank you page does not load and I get the following error message


    can u pls help?

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