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  • You can change the status of an order on the edit order screen, in the ‘Order Data’ meta box, where you will have a dropdown for all order statuses. Save the order and the status of the order will change.

    Most payment gateways change this for you on when the payment is completed, or failed/cancelled though.

    Thank you for your answer but in the order data drop down, I only have “on hold” and no other

    That must be another plugin that is conflicting with WooCommerce. Can you disable all other plugins and see if the other order statuses appear then?

    If they do not appear then, it appears that your order statuses taxonomy has been damaged. Can you please list the terms that are listed on the System Status page (found under the WooCommerce admin menu) as ‘Order Statuses’?

    Thank you very much for your help,

    Here is what I see:

    Core Taxonomies
    Order Statuses pending

    The big problem is, when my client make a payment on paypal and then come back on the website, the status is “pending” and they still have the button “pay”. Its very urgent. do you have a solution ? thank you very much

    Well, it looks like your install is doing something weird. There should be many more order statuses available in that list. Have you tried disabling all plugins, except WooCommerce? If the statuses are still not there then, it is not a plugin conflict but the status terms (order statuses are actually a taxonomy) have been removed.

    Could you try deactivating WooCommerce and then activate it again to see if the terms are being created again?

    I had the same problem and went through this long list of things to do on if this happens to you and nothing worked. Saw this, deactivated and then reactivated my woocommerce plugin and all the core taxonomies showed up! Thanks a bunch Coen Jacobs!!!

    @ Coen Jacobs: i have tried what you have suggested. but it doesn’t work. could you help please..

    tolompba: If you have deactivated and reactivated the WooCommerce plugin and the taxonomies still do not show up, it must be a conflict with your theme or another plugin.

    Please open a new thread for this, stop hijacking other peoples threads.

    tolompba: Try to inspect element the drop down list and troubleshoot its CSS, the drop dwn list has a js code..its works for me.

    Hello Coen Jacobs,
    I am just finishing my web on localhost, but I’m having a problem with woocommerce statuses. My handcraft store customers and sellers could be elders and they don’t know English, how can I translate or change words “on-hold”, “pending”, “processing”, “cancelled” etc?
    please help me.

    eKashi, please do not hijack other peoples topics but open a new one.

    Ok sorry, when I search about woocommerce status it took me here.

    So, I did and waited you 3 days now. instead writing useless answer you could tell which file to edit!!!!!
    You see above my post, others asked different questions and you answered but me… COEN JACOBS!!!

    I didn’t say I would reply to your new topic, I just said that it is not nice to hijack other peoples topics and that you should not do that. Giving me an attitude like this, demanding free support (which I have given you now, on a Saturday!) it not the way to go either.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 16 total)
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