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  • Mike


    It would be impossible to offer support for every theme in existence – if you want it to work with a particular theme it will likely require css styling.

    We have a theming guide here: 🙂

    Hi, Mike,

    I was just noting for the record one theme which doesn’t seem to take to WooCommerce (or vice-versa!) out of the box. I’ve looked at the WooCommerce Codex and User’s Guide before that but product images are still not working in this InStyle theme and at least two others that don’t come from Elegant Themes.

    The thing is, if there was at least read-only access to the WooThemes support forums, at least for the WooCommerce section (if the plugin has its own separate section like how each theme does), in the same way that theme documentation access is available for the free ones, it would be helpful.

    I understand that WooCommerce can’t be compatible with all themes. Just noting that it really threw off the formatting of Elegant Theme’s “Polished” theme, too. It looked like there were div tags left open, with the sidebar thrown down below and everything. I’m only using it to display a couple products, and the individual product shortcode works fine, to I’ll keep on using. 🙂

    I’m experiencing the same issue as iftombinks:

    • side bar thrown down below the website,
    • plus, my theme (lightword) having a small fixed width, woocommerce seems to overflow the width of my website template. It doesn’t even take it into account but rather overrides it.

    At first sight I thought too that it was a closing <div> (or
    <ul> or whatnot) tag missing but the output shop page code doesn’t show anything like this.

    For now and till I find the culprit, I blame it on the way some container divs are set (css and/or php wisely)

    If anyone got a clue, let us know!


    edit: this thread seems to be a duplicate of that would preconise to check this page for a solution

    edit2: this thread is also a duplicate of this interesting page

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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