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  • Mike


    Registration is built into the checkout process – it asks for a password and creates an account.

    yep, i got that… haven’t seen at first…

    anyway, I ended up using a plugin to handle only the registration

    the site i’m working has extra features for registered users, so it makes sense to register without buying anything

    but, as WC has built in registration capabilities, and its user meta_values can be integrated into WP User Profile, I believe it’d be a nice feature to have this separated from the Check-out

    yea I agree… usability-wise there should be a registration link or something in the My Account page. I added some info text on that page saying an account would be created in the checkout process, but of course that’s still displayed when a user is logged in, so it’s confusing for people.

    brasofilo, what plugin did you end up using? I’m working on resolving the exact same issue for WooCommerce.

    hi, yarnboy, i used Theme My Login

    Thanks, brasofilo. My client wants to approve customer registrations before they can shop (she’s running a wholesale knitting pattern store) so she wants to have the fields that come up in the ordering process on the registration form. You were able to do something like that with Theme My Login?

    I worked with this in a very fast project and don’t have access to it anymore.
    But If I remember well you have to make the TML field names match Woo’s

    I suggest you make a testing site to test both working together
    – and if you are confortable with PhpMyAdmin, create accounts using each plugin and compare the meta_key/meta_value in the table wp_usermeta

    Thanks! That was just the help I needed. I’ve got it all working now.

    Is there any chance you could explain this to me in a bit more detail?
    I need to achieve exactly what it sounds like you’ve done.

    Many thanks.

    Hello squire82,

    Theme My Login is a plugin that (among other things) allows you to add fields to your user registration form. I used that feature to add WooCommerce’s customer fields to the registration form, thereby creating a front-end registration that looks and feels like the rest of my client’s site. As brasofilo mentioned above, it helps to use phpMyAdmin to see which fields WooCommerce is using so that you can match those fields in your Theme My Login custom registration form.

    A note of warning: I had some problems with Theme My Login after upgrading to the latest version of WordPress: user login resulted in an endless redirect loop. I had to roll back both the WP installation and the TML installation in order to get everything working again. You might not have this problem if you’re building the site from the ground up with the latest version of everything, but just so you know.


    Hey! thanks for the explanation. I’m very raw when it comes to handle any code so I jus wandered if you or maybe @frasofilo came up with a way to redirect potential customers to a wooCommerce registration process, without the need of buying.. just adding it as a separate page, or redirecting to it with a hyperlink..

    thank you.

    WooCommerce uses the native WordPress user functions. It just adds a user role called “customer.” If you set your default new user role to “customer,” then the registration links that already appear in WordPress will allow your customers to register without having to buy anything.

    thank you for your quick response. I tryed that and made a buttom that links to It goes to a registration wordpress site as if it was a new user. This could help, but what i’d really like (if possible) is that the link drives to a page within my site that has the same fields and style as the woocommerce checkout page. Do you know how could i achieve that?


    In fact, you can use WooCommerce’s “My Account Page” not only as a “Login Page” but also as a “Registration Page” too…

    In the backend/dashboard,
    WooCommerce >> Settings >> General Tab
    Checkout and Accounts Section

    there is a control selection for
    “Allow registration on the (My Account) page”

    If you select it, you will have a “New User Registration Form” next to the default “Account Login Form”

    as seen in my screenshots:

    Btw, you can change that WordPress Registration Page as you wish using some other extensions. It doesn’t have to stay in the default WordPress style…

    Hey manus. Thank you so much for your advise. I’m well under way now but i’ve not been able to make it work. I might be something to do with my template. Anytime i try to add a user, i get the “please enter a password” error message. any axperience on that?

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 17 total)
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