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  • Some shop pages (all products, single, category) change my theme layout, e.g. my sidebar is replaced with the standard one and is outputted below the shop content instead of on the right side. Also the footer is resized. One of the developers of the theme (Atahualpa) I use wrote:

    “Atahualpa sets a global variable ‘$cols’. I would guess that WooCommerce is using that same variable and not resetting it to it’s existing value. You should contact the plugin author about this.”

    Can you help with this?

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  • Hmmm… this issue is more than 6 months old and no word from woocommerce on this?
    I’m facing the same problem and none of the above workarounds/temporary fixes seems to work… Such as shame since woocommerce seems like a very legit ecommerce solution 🙁

    I’ve read from other website forums some kind of CSS code-workaround, but I really am not familiar with CSS (just HTML and a little javascript) and couldn’t access the CSS from the WordPress CPanel or through FTP. I spent 4 hours or so resizing images and nothing stopped the blurry image issue and I have a paying customer who wants a simple e-commerce store with clear images. So I just deleted woocommerce yesterday and installed another one that seems to be working fine so far. I should say that I e-mailed WooCommerce directly and posted on several of their forums and got 1 response saying that they don’t work with non-paying customers. I love that woocommerce is so easy to install and set up and if the blurry images is okay, than it’s great. I finally deleted it yesterday and set up ecwid.

    I’ve been having the same problem with the products page (shop) with woocommerce installed under eShop from

    I did find the workaround for page.php -> copy -> woocommerce.php and changing the if statements (big large block) worked. My new woocommerce.php file looks like this:

    <?php get_header(); ?>
    <?php get_template_part(‘includes/breadcrumbs’); ?>
    <div id=”main-area”>
    <div id=”main-content” class=”clearfix”>
    <div id=”left-column”>
    <?php woocommerce_content(); ?>
    </div> <!– #left-column –>
    <?php get_sidebar(); ?>
    <?php get_footer(); ?>

    My breadcrumbs are not working either. Does someonehave a solution for breadcrumbs. I’ve also heard this workaround is slow … I could not get the unhook solution to work, so if anyone has a suggestion on that, I’d like to know.


    I’ve got a very similar problem:

    using a child theme based on the hybrid theme, I followed this advice: and copied some files (mirroring the original folder structure) into my child theme. I modified the copies but it seems woocommerce is simply not picking up my modified files and continues to use its own 🙁

    Any tricks out there to check whats wrong here?
    I tried simply inserting some characters into the modified templates to simply check whether they are being picked up but no luck 🙁

    replacing the_content(); with woocommerce_content(); didn’t work for me.

    the suggestion of SoulOnFiya did worked partially, as it removed the theme sidebar and with it the actual content area from below the woocomerce #content. Obviously, it didnt bring the sidebar back to where it belonged, and the problem actually continues, but it at least is reasonably enough to start the site without solving it, cause using full-width for woocommerce pages makes the lay-out ok.

    I am using wp-clear from solostream.

    Other suggestions didnt work and I didnt find the codex very usefull…

    Just starting to work with WooCommerce, and immediately running into the layout problem. It’s beyond me why they chose to include content wrappers that override your theme’s–it’s a guarantee that your pages will look like crap. Woo’s page on theme compatibility is sorely lacking:

    This page on integrating Jigoshop is way more helpful:

    The above mentioned page says right out: “There is a bit of a challenge when first using the Jigoshop eCommerce plugin for WordPress in a theme for newcomers. The trick is to properly replace Jigoshop content wrappers with the ones in use in your theme.

    “You would want to do this for most themes, as Jigoshop out of the box is only guaranteed to work with the twenty-ten and twenty-eleven themes. If you notice your sidebar(s) are below the products that Jigoshop lists instead of beside, then that may be your first indication that you need the following…”

    As this is the most basic step in integrating WooCommerce into any theme, I’m surpised the documentation is so poor.

    As this is the most basic step in integrating WooCommerce into any theme, I’m surpised the documentation is so poor.

    Part of the issue is that there are so many themes available out there that it’s impossible to support them all.

    Still, I have found a special reluctance among the developers of e-commerce plugins to create codes that don’t overwrite or overstep theme codes. They often fail to use plugin-specific classes, for example, which just wreaks all sorts of havoc.

    I eventually just gave up on e-commerce plugins and just use Paypal buttons now.

    Part of the issue is that there are so many themes available out there that it’s impossible to support them all.

    Yes, very good point. I was expressing frustration with Woo’s sketchy integration information, but after most of a day trolling their forums I did collect enough snippets to make a decent-looking single-product page. I won’t clutter up this thread any more but I plan on working up a couple of quick how-tos which might help a few folks out. IMHO WooCommerce has lots of good things going for it, just needs some time and maturation to make it easier to use with popular & custom themes.

    I plan on working up a couple of quick how-tos which might help a few folks out.

    If you are working on the Graphene theme, you are welcome to post a link to those on the Graphene theme support forum.

    @mkrapf the loop workaround worked like a dream. Thanks!

    @ovidiu I ran into the same problem with template overrides, and asked Support for help–turns out that WooCommerce Codex page is poorly written. It says “keeping the same file structure” but as the example shows, you DO NOT use the /templates/ directory in your file structure. So:


    Don’t include the /templates/ subdirectory in your theme, and the override templates should work. Hope this helps.

    @aradams: thanks for solving the mistery. This drove me nuts 🙁
    It als seems like they corrected their codex page 🙂

    Hi: I have been following this thread to integrate woocommerce into my classipress theme and I am having problems wrapping the content to appear within my theme for the single product pages. It doesn’t seem to show anything no description on the page. I managed to get the shop page to wrap content into the theme using the code: <?php woocommerce_content(); ?> following the guidelines offers in this thread. Does anyone know how to wrap content so that single product pages appear formatted properly?

    Can I use the code in my previous post and embed it in other pages of the theme?

    Plugin Author Mike Jolley


    This thread is getting a bit out of hand 🙂 There are several different issues here all different from the OP.

    This doc will be improved soon, but its all you need really:

    Suggest that people not familiar with theming or hooks use the woocommerce_content method.

    To summarise:

    • Its impossible to use the correct markup for every theme within WC, thats why theming is necessary and it appears sidebars drop beneath content
    • You can create a single template page to solve the layout issues
    • Duplicate your page.php file in your theme called ‘woocommerce’. The path to this file will be yourtheme/woocommerce.php
    • Within that file, find the loop, and replace it with <?php woocommerce_content(); ?>. This lets us output the correct template, but within your layout.
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