[Plugin: WooCommerce] Disable payment methods (2 posts)

  1. inspirationconcepts
    Posted 11 months ago #

    For a client I'm working on a new website with WooCommerce. I'm transforming WooCommerce so you can request a quote for an product.

    There are a few plugins that can do that but they're not using the cart function from WooCommerce. I want to use the cart function because a customer can add multiple products and request a quote for all the products in his cart.

    Anyway, the proces is going good but I'm stuck with 1 thing. If you're on the checkout page you'll see the payment methods. Is there a way to disable/remove them all? If I disable all the payment methods then WooCommerce is saying that there aren't any payment methods available and you can't checkout.

    Hopefully there's a solution to remove the payment methods.

  2. ndesign55
    Posted 9 months ago #



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