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    This plugin work well until I upgraded to WooCommerce v1.5.4 and WordPress v3.3.2.

    I’m wondering is there any compatibility issue with the latest of WooCommerce and / or Wp v3.3.2.

    After upgrading process, I have tried to re-activated WooCommerce Delivery Notes v1.1.. The plugin’s status is active but nothing happen in my wordpress admin back-end.. There’s no Delivery-Notes setting in Woocommerce tab… and there’s no print button in my order detail page also.

    (In my other dummy site which using Woocommerce 1.5.3 and Wp 3.3.1 everything’s good).

    Any clue? From anyone ?


    Any help will be highly appreciated.


    …additional notes :
    “FYI, I’m using standard WooCommerce theme from WooThemes.”

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  • thx

    Hi there!

    Thanx for your feedback!
    I couldn’t reproduce this to date, in my test installs it works fine with both newest versions: WC 1.5.4 and WP 3.2.2

    I can only assume that it might be some other theme or plugin conflict? Did you make other updates? Does it work if you activate one of the default themes like TwentyEleven or TwentyTen?

    Does it work when you only have plugins WooCommerce itself and the Delivery Notes plugin activated?

    Since we do no Javascript stuff or anything I am wondering how this issue comes…
    Do you see the settings link in the left hand menu in WordPress admin, there’s a submenu in that with the “Woo” icon? (My plugin does not hook in the WC main setting tabs, 1.0 did not and 1.1 also not!)

    Hope this helps a bit for now.
    -Dave 🙂

    Hi, many thanks for your quick response, Dave… 🙂
    I do appreciate it.

    Well I’ve tried to follow your suggestions, I have deactivated all plugins except WC 1.5.4 and Delivery Notes, but still nothings happened.
    The ‘Delivery Notes Setting’ on the left-hand menu in WordPress Admin not appear.

    Also I’ve tried to switch back to Twenty Eleven theme, but this doesn’t helped too. No Delivery Notes setting on left hand submenu and no ‘View & Print Delivery Note’ button on order page.

    Weird, huh?


    Do you think that I should try to do a new WordPress and WooCommerce installation, Dave?



    Wait, David Decker… I just figured it out !
    I’ve renamed the WooCommerce directory in my server to something else before..
    Looks like this is the problem,
    when I rename the WooCommerce plugin folder name back to ‘woocommerce’, voila.. Your Delivery-Notes plugin works!

    Everything is fine now ..


    Err, so I guess I must not rename the woocommerce folder name into something else right ?

    — thanks —

    you should NEVER rename a plugin folder. you will always get in troubles if you do so.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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