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  • dbernste88


    I’m trying to import a simple product variation for a product that gives 3 options for attribute “Color”.

    The instructions given by are extremely brief: “Variations are given attributes via custom fields. To set them, import the attribute via a meta column. E.g. to import an attribute pa_size you would make a column called: meta:attribute_pa_size”.

    Here’s what my imported csv looks like (2 rows, 2 colummns)
    post_parent meta:attribute_pa_colors
    734 green|purple|orange

    When I go to the product with the id 734, there are no changes to the product on the front-end or back-end. When I check the database, I see the changes that were made (but they actually contain significantly different table field content than when I set up a regular attribute/variation for a product).

    I’ve tested tons of different changes, including adding the attribute manually to Products->Attributes before import and manually modifying the database to test imports. Is there any difference between importing attributes versus importing variations in the woocommerce csv importer? They seem to be completely separate components in wp-admin, but the documentation seems to treat them as one. Any help is appreciated!

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  • Plugin Author allaerd



    it seems that you are one the wrong forum. What you are talking about is the paid plugin. I think you need to go here

    this plugin is the free one. It you need on this plugin let me know!



    Allaerd, Your plugin works perfect for importing products. But is it possible to import variations?

    Plugin Author allaerd


    hello Frankwp3,

    this is something i would like to do…but more in the future. I am doing something simular for a another right now. So maybe with some slight modifications we can make it work.

    If you mail me at with an example csv you have now we might be able to make a deal!


    I am trying to import product variant. for example “A4 paper” is the product. It has 4 type of wight. 1 side and 2 side colored option and about 50 types of quantity. which makes about 400 variants of the products. I have input the variant type and it makes the combination automatically.
    I have to input the prices of every combination manually now. I hope there have some automatic way to import the price of every combination.
    Please, let me know if there has any option.

    Plugin Author allaerd


    Hi there,

    Please drop me a mail ( ) to see if i can help you out!

    0k thank you

    Hi, can this plugin handle importing variations as described by sk.shaikat?

    I have hundreds of variations for my products so I am looking for a CSV importer that can handle the batch process.

    Thank you

    Has this option been added yet? I have the same issue.

    I have a print client who needs a product like so

    Size of paper


    Type of paper




    and so on and so on, and thus we end up with close to 1000 variations.

    If your plugin could import this feature with the variation price then it would make that task a LOT QUICKER!

    PLEASE get back to me.

    Plugin Author allaerd


    Yes, the add-on can handle this.

    The free or premium version? I didn’t see this feature added to your changelog or anything, do you have some info about how this works with your plugin?

    Plugin Author allaerd


    check out here

    I have the premium version and it’s still a very manual process to get variations into the site.

    Each of my products has different flavors, sizes and prices that are unique per SKU. For example: Vanilla, comes in 2 sizes, there is a different price for each size. When the variations are uploaded into WP/Woocommerce, and then linked, I have to go to each one and match flavor/size/price then update.

    Isn’t there a faster way to do this with the premium version? I sent an email to your address above because I’ve spent countless hours trying to remedy this and I’m losing money.

    Thank you in advance for your help

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