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  • woow, can’t wait for it.

    question, what will happens when a product already has a featured image, and we reupload it with same or new featured image?

    Plugin Author allaerd


    I’ll check it tonight.

    I think it would be best to always add the image if the filename is new, and update the picture if the filename is the same.

    What do you think?

    I’ve tried it, when I re-import with same image filename, it will makes the item appear to have 2 images (the same one). 2 db record referring to 1 image file.

    Have you tried importing item without filling out the picture column? In my case, that will trigger error ‘file not oke’.

    Plugin Author allaerd


    Resolves in version 0.3

    It seems that only local images can be added to products.
    It would be better to support external images auto download & import,like this:||

    I use this plugin in a project

    It supports import 1 Featured Image & 1 Gallery Image, so two images supported. But the most highlight of it is support of automatic fetch web images.

    Your plugin can import multiple images now,which is better than his, while it would be perfect, if it support import of external images.

    Plugin Author allaerd


    HE Jeriff,

    I will make a new topic for this and try to resolve it today

    Wonderful, the official woocommerce CVS import plugin costs $89-single site, which is so expensive,unlike WordPress Ecommerce has a built-in import function, woocommerce is keen on making money

    Plugin Author allaerd



    check out version 0.4

    Great plugin. Worth every penny (and more truthfully if one thinks about one’s time :).

    I have an issue where, when importing my db it appears cols are auto-sorting pipe-separated values to alphabetical order. This includes things like clothing sizes, colors, images etc.

    It seems the default should be to import the db in the exact order as in the csv.

    And for the duplication effort if there’s some way to check if the value is different than add the item but, if not – to not duplicate values (attributes, variations etc.).

    I see you referenced .3 and I’m assuming that’s 3.4.3? If so do you have an ETA as I’m trying to wrap up a project and would be very grateful to have this sorted out (sic) :).

    Thanks again!

    Plugin Author allaerd


    he datajuncture,

    I think you are in the wrong forum…i think you mean the payed plugin from woocommerce self.

    This plugin is the free one!!!! you do not have to pay a penny!!!!

    If you need help with this plugin, feel free to ask me. I wrote a customer implementation to “remove” duplicated rows….if you like you can have to code!

    Ha! My bad – and apologies. I just wiped my db and am ok with dupes but, will very likely be back asking you :). Thanks very much Allaerd.

    I am using the WooCommerce CSV import suite on WooCommerce 1.6.6 / WP 3.5, with the Scrollinder Theme.
    In order to know exactly how I need to name the raws of the CSV I will import (I have approx 2000 products to import), I exported a sample product.
    The thing is, I see the field in which I have to locate the pictures of the products (“images” 🙂 easy !) but I see nothing about the TITLE and ALT tags that will come with the images on the product page.
    So my question is : is there a way to import with my pictures their TITLE and ALT tags ?

Viewing 13 replies - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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