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    Hi there

    I installed the plugin and using the simplicty wootheme or my own one (the one i want to use). No compare button shows, what am i doing wrong?

    I even picekd manual placement in settings and included <?php if(function_exists('woo_add_compare_button')) echo woo_add_compare_button(); ?> in single-product.php, nothing.

    Totally stuck, the documentation does not seem to give any instructions really on what to do?

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  • Plugin Author Steve Truman


    Hi latro666

    Question? Do you have any other WooCommerce extension activated eg the premium Catalog options plugin or anything else that hides removes the add to cart button because the Compare button uses the same hook and if you have another extension that removes that hook then the Compare Button can’t show.

    There is a simple solution to this which is covered in the docs, but please confirm if this is the case for you?

    Plugin Author Steve Truman


    Hi latro666

    Have you activated the Compare feature on any products yet? The compare button does not show on a product until you activate the Compare Products feature.

    A quick way to check this is to go to the Products tab on the settings page and it will show which products the feature is activated and deactivated on – You’ll find that here in the plugins docs. You’ll find the instructions for activating the feature on products and variable products in the Lite version here.

    If that is not the issue check this Troubleshooting section in the docs – Compare Button is not showing.

    Please check all of that – and if its still not showing please let me know.

    Hi there

    Thanks for the help. It looks like I need to set a variation up for the lite version. I get to the point of the drop down on the product and it says:
    ‘Select a Compare Category for this Product :’

    I want to be able to compare two products, why do i have to select a category? It seems irrelevant.

    Forgot to mention i also did this selecting master category, no button appears. At my wits end a bit 😀 seems very complicated, maybe i’m not getting something?

    Plugin Author Steve Truman


    Hi Latro66,

    Can you show me a link to your site – WooCommerce Compare Products works perfectly on 1,000’s of sites – No one has ever had any problems like you are having – especially with a Wootheme –

    WooCommerce Compare Products has had over 250 hours of development and is a WooCommerce authorized plugin – which means it has been audited and officially approved by them. It is 100% compatible with all WooCommerce themes. See it here on the WooCommerce Extensions marketplace.

    The WordPress version is the Lite version of that plugin.


    Apologies for the late reply, illness has delayed what i was working on.

    I’d rather not publically post the link to the site (can email if you’d like?). I just kinda need an idea of where to start as mentioned in the other post there appears to be compare categories etc but no means to link products?

    I’m using the default WooCommerce theme imported into my own theme so its pretty much stock just with my header.php etc e.g. literally added /woocommerce into my own theme.

    We’d quite hapily pay for the pro version but i’v got little idea how to get the basics of the lite one functioning. I dont doubt its a great plugin and it me that is simply missing something.

    Some simple directions would be cool like ‘goto products, select a product, do this’ to get a very basic comparison running of two products.

    Re what you originally suggested, all the products show in that list but are deactivated. On clicking edit it alerts to upgrade to the pro version to express compare feature manager.

    I followed your like for the lite version:

    It alludes to variations. My first issue here is that there are 100 stand alone product (shoes) they have no variations they are all ‘simple products’ and therefore lone parents.

    Ignoring this I change a product to variable and then add one in keeping everything blank. Here is a screen shot:

    At this point it also asks for a compare category so i selected master (unsure what this is for?) and saved the product.

    Went back to the list of products in settings -> products. The product in question still appears as Deactivated.

    Entering a price in the variation as per 2 in the diagram does not change this.

    So unsure how to proceed from here?

    All I want to do is the ability to compare one simple product to another one in any category, they are very basic with literally just an image, title and category. The idea is they can pick a shoe and have it side by side with another shoe.

    I’m sure i’m doing something wrong but for the life of me i cannot see what?

    Plugin Author Steve Truman


    Hi Lattro666

    We’d quite hapily pay for the pro version

    Do that and I will give you all the help and support you are looking for in setting it up on your site. Pro version upgrade.

    i installed woocommerce-compare-products-pro and i m not getting woo settings page why it’s not coming see my website url

    Plugin Author Steve Truman



    This is the 2nd different resolved forum that you have posted this on.

    From what you said on the last forum – you claim to have a Pro Version – but won’t say where you purchased the Pro version from, even though I asked you 2 times.

    You should go to the support forum of the vendor that you bought the license from and ask for support there. WooCommerce Compare Products Pro Licenses are only available from 2 sources – WooThemes – WooCommerce market place and a3rev – The once only license fee from WooCommerce and ourselves is for lifetime support and free upgrades.

    I think you have purchased the plugin from somewhere else ? If that is the case its a rip off – please go and sort it out with whoever those people are and stop spamming the support forums of the free version of the plugin.

    i downloaded that one from some where else i really lost that url.that one is not working write i m working with woo commerce compare product.i am getting server error.what i have to do please tel me some solution

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