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  • I’ve yet to get Woocommerce to add any product to my shopping cart. It redirects me to the page and displays “Your Shopping Cart is Empty”.

    I’ve tried everything and I can’t figure out why it won’t add products to my cart.

    Has anybody else had this problem or know a fix? I just updated to the newest woocommerce (1.5.1) and still nothing.

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  • Problem fixed after checking and repairing database.

    RESOLVED with this solution:

    WooCommerce > Settings > Pages
    X Prepend product permalinks with shop base page (shop) Note: The shop page has children – child pages will not work if you enable this option.

    This was ticked!!! Unticked it and all is fine again!


    i have the same trouble somebody with the solution?

    [Please stop posting in uppercase. It’s the electronic equivalent of shouting and is considered quite rude. Post de-capped.]

    Also, read and try the suggestions already posted in the thread.

    Hi, I’ve tried disabling all plugins one by one, verified cookies are working as well as JS, and everything else I could find on page – still nothing. The JS errors on that page are present on other product pages (without the form) and Add to cart works.

    Any other ideas? It seems that the form is just not communicating correctly with the Add to cart. The Add to cart still has the product # selector above it, the + / – field, which makes me think it’s looking for a regular (non Gravity form) product; that + / – has no meaning when the form controls the number of products.


    JS errors (even if present on other pages) can still break the WC scripts. Can you post a link?

    other pages are also WC pages, JS errors not affecting function there.

    Oops, I remember that now.. b/c i’m still not eating chocolate and that is rather cruel!

    Well it looks like the JS is indeed working properly as it is adding up the cost of each truffle. I can add a different product to the cart so it is something specific to this product. How are you setting up the assortment? That isn’t default WC behavior.

    When adding a product to the cart WC runs the product through some validation tests. My best guess is that your product is failing a test, but silently because usually there are error messages when you do.

    Ok thanks – the form is created using the WC gravity forms plugin.

    The instrux we followed:

    James, sorry I’ve not used that extension yet so I’m unfortunately at the limit of my ability to help. You really should make your own thread and/or contact Woo support. The issue you are describing is definitely different from the OP’s problem and is probably specific to that extension.

    Ok, thanks. We’ve contacted support a couple times, still waiting on help from the dev. Will try another thread. Thanks.

    I had the same problem the items in my store would add to my cart but when I viewed my cart it showed as empty.

    Solution = I was running PHP 5.3 I switched it to 5.2 and now it’s working. Hopefully this helps some of you.

    james, any luck?

    I had this same issue and the way i figure this out was.

    1. Checked the system status on WooCommerce.

    2. Noticed my PHP Session save path was missing.

    3. Called my hosting provider to fix the path.

    4. Now everything is working fine.

    Hope this helps 🙂

    Hi, I have the same issue. Suddenly the shopping cart broke down.

    I use the Gravity Form plugin and GF extension for WC.

    The calculation goes well but the shopping cart doesnt add the product.

    And after that if you change the page the shopping cart has the product with price 0 or sometimes (few times) has the correct prices, a complete mess.

    How can I check if is aproblem with JS?
    The version of php is the same 5.2

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