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  • I am running the newest version of Mio theme from Splashing Pixels.

    I’m super new to WordPress and have admittedly been pillaging my way to getting my site where I want it.

    For some reason, I have had a couple of products whose ‘product short description’ I cannot update. I make my changes and hit update, and the changes just disappear. I have tried duplicating the product and had the same problem with the duplication.

    I tried repairing my databases using phpmyadmin, but to no avail. Really just want to add some more info for my customers. But, I’m sure it’s my own fault for putting the cart before the horse.

    Any help is much appreciated!

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  • I have the exact same problem, I thought it was an admin rights problem since i noticed it after upgrading a few of my users to Administrator, and it’s only some of their posts i have problems editing.

    Just to be clear, it’s afaik only the Product short description which does not update when i either save as a draft, or publish/update the product post. (It just reverts to previous text)

    So far i’ve tried;

    Duplication of the product
    Removing all variations
    Changing product type to single product
    Changing the permalink

    – Nothing has helped.

    *Hopes* someone out the knows the answer to this issue, – I will update if i find the solution.

    I have exactly the same problem.
    Any updates on it? Very frustrating.


    When i delete all variations and remove the secondary ‘use for variations’ attribute, (In my case it was Size and Color) to decrease the number of variations to below 50, it then again lets me change the Product Short Description.

    I’m am starting to suspect my host for having some kind of a limit to how much can be changed in the database at the same request. – but that is just a theory. I’ll take a look at the database and then return if i get some usefull answers out of it.

    Thanks. I tried this to no avail.

    I am going to try to recreate the product as a new product (69 variations) – hopefully the import suite can be of some assistance for this.

    Did you guys manage to resolve this issue? Any input would be great as i’m lost as to how to fix this.

    Hi, I have the same problem, I can’t update product short description, I think is a problem with qtranslate plugin, Have you installed that plugin too? Please help. Thanks.

    I am not sure if this could be a solution in your case, but it was in mine. Just to make you aware, I am using qTranslate (two languages) and I think it created an issue with product short description field….

    In my case I resolved it by putting line of code below into my themes functions.php file.

    add_filter( 'wp_default_editor', create_function('', 'return "html";') );

    It seems that it would accept changes when default mode is Text (instead of visual). Now I can’t switch between those two modes, but it works. 🙂

    I had this issue yesterday with some products that contained a large number of attributes and variations.

    The error_log file in the /wp-admin folder showed this error:

    PHP Warning: Unknown: Input variables exceeded 1000. To increase the limit change max_input_vars in php.ini. in Unknown on line 0

    Our web host increased the value of max_input_vars to 2000 and the issue seems to have been resolved.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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