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    Udating woocommerce to 1.41, it’s not possible to use the checkout button (zur Kasse) anymore. Also the layout of all buttons, tables etc. is broken. Texts are bigger than the buttons etc. Before it looked very professional. Before 1.4 this was much better, beside that shop + single product never called the themes’ layout. I hoped to get this solved with 1.4, but now it’s really worse.

    Furthermore it is not possible to uninstall/delete the plugin, so I can’t downgrade to the older version:

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function woocommerce_get_page_id() in /data/projects/info-notes/wp/wp-content/plugins/woocommerce/uninstall.php on line 24

    Any help would be appreciated a lot! Thank you

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  • Also it is neither possible to search nor post in the woocommerce forum.

    Plugin Author Mike Jolley


    Your theme may need to be updated if you’ve hooked into parts, but thats it.

    If this is your store ( you have the css styles turned off too. I think the issues are all due to your theme to be honest.

    Try it with twenty-ten or eleven, with the woocommerce styles enabled (in woocommerce > settings).

    I also updated to Woocommerce 1.4.1 and the checkout is not working anymore. I’m using the Wootique theme 1.2. Also the checkout button is not translated into Dutch anymore. It used to be called Afrekenen.
    WP 3.3.1

    Plugin Author Mike Jolley


    @sheann looks like a conflict, or a problem with the force SSL setting. Turn off other plugins, and try turning off force SSL for a while.

    Enabling the woocommerce css styles AND using twenty-ten, doesn’t fix the issues, but these simple themes bring many other challenges:

    I also put the max. image size on 90×90 in all 3 fields, but it seems to be ignored. Not clear how to get to the cart and using the menu – also not working.

    Rather looks like an issue of integration than like an issue of the themes.

    @mike I would appreciate a lot, if you could look into it. Thx.

    Plugin Author Mike Jolley


    The image sizes in settings control the images actual size, but the size they are displayed at is CSS. This is for maximum compatibility with third party themes (it would be bad to use fixed widths).

    I suggest you have a look through or learn from a free theme such as

    ok, thank you for your opinion. I hoped, we could sort this out, because on first sight, woocommerce looks like one of the best plugins.

    Is there anybody, who could give concrete information, support or agree to a small project to get the shop running? Up to now it’s quite obvious that woocommerce is not working with Thesis and several other themes and V1.4 is worse in every means than before. I’d love to integrate the shop, but for other reasons, standard themes are no alternative to Thesis and, however, also not working like designed. Thx

    Salasatrips: Good luck with your problems, I’m sorry I can’t help you. I’ll open my own topic cause I’m not getting my site to work either.

    Thanks to the support of Mike and Sascha (not in this threat), we could sort out several issues in our setup. In case that it could be helpful for others, too:

    – we needed to create the woocommerce.php below our theme /thesis_182
    – you HAVE to have certain pages as top level !
    grouping these pages below “Shop”, didn’t work out for us as of today:
    Shop, Cart, Checkout, Track your order, My account
    – now, it looks like woocommerce works well with Thesis 🙂
    – the styling looks pretty much alright, maybe some minor fine tuning

    @ Mike: Last issue, we couldn’t solve as of now:
    – with Thesis, the shop shows just the headlines (20-11 works properly)
    => any hint, where we have to look into?
    I guess we messed this up during the many iterations the last days.
    Thanks a lot for your help anyway!

    Hi. I have a problem with the woocommerce plugin. I have the woocommerce running with my diabolik theme, and it seems that everytime i put a order in my cart – and i have field out the infomation to order it – the website just duplicates itself. Here take a look at it.


    @stclick, I have the exact same problem. It’s only happened in the last two updates to Woocommerce.

    I’ve posted about this problem in this support forum and on the Woocommerce site, but no one from Woocommerce ever replies.

    Can anyone help me please!!! I have enabled the woocommerce css but it isnt visible?? Is there another way to edit this file or how can i get it visible?

    Thank you!!!

    Moderator Jan Dembowski


    Brute Squad and Volunteer Moderator

    @babydd, please start your own thread with your own details.

    This thread is 3 months old and may not have anything to do with your issue. It may, but why not start your own thread to get more specific to your site help?

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