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    Is it any way to have the checkbox in the cart/checkout(terms and conditions) checked by default? I have a very low conversion rate because many customers cant see the checkbox and its a big problem for me.

    I want to remove it or make it enabled by default.

    I have looked in woocommerce-functions.php and i cant find anything. I guess the cart is a separate file but i have no idea. HELP!


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  • I found this file “class-wc-checkout.php” is the solution in this file?

    [ 756 lines of code moderated, that’s just way too much. For that many lines of code please use instead. ]

    Can this be the one to change from 0 to 1?

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    // Terms
    		if ( ! isset( $_POST['woocommerce_checkout_update_totals'] ) && empty( $this->posted['terms'] ) && woocommerce_get_page_id( 'terms' ) > 0 )
    			$woocommerce->add_error( __('You must accept our Terms & Conditions.', 'woocommerce') );
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    Putting aside that you’re posting way to much code here ( is your friend and should be used) do you really think a default “accept the terms and conditions” is really a good idea?

    apple use “accept terms and conditions” by default. I dont say its a good idea but it realy helps me with my conversion rate. I just want the user to disable checkbox if he dont agree with the terms.


    Could you tell us how you fixed it?

    I’d like to know too.

    Took me a bit to figure it out:

    Woocommerce > Settings > Pages > Terms > on the drop-down for the Terms page you need to have it blank if you have a page selected it will be required. By the arrow is an “X” in a circle hit that and it will clear the page that has been selected as the Terms page, no page selected will remove the “I have read and accept the terms & conditions” from your check out page.

    Thanks Saimo_mx70, but i don’t want to remove it, i just want to make it “accepted” by default.

    Sorry I couldn’t help you out LarsJ3. I’ll keep my eyes open and post the info if I find a way to get that changed!
    All the best, good luck on your fix!

    If it is accepted by default what is the point of it?

    Since you won’t sell to someone that refuses the terms and conditions (right?), and you won’t require them to check the checkbox, you could just as well state “by ordering you are accepting the terms and conditions” and put a BIG CAN’T MISS IT RED BUTTON link up for “reject terms and conditions” that empties the shopping cart and forwards them to a site.

    Citynode: Yea, i could do that, but the other way seemed easier.

    After trying to find a solution in the dashboard, the way I solved this was to dig into the php code of my site.

    In my case (using the Mystile theme), the appropriate file is found here:


    Find the code that applies to your terms checkbox. Mine looks like this:

    <p class="form-row terms">
    				<label for="terms" class="checkbox"><?php _e( 'I have read and accept the', 'woocommerce' ); ?> <a>" target="_blank"><?php _e( 'terms & conditions', 'woocommerce' ); ?></a></label>
    				<input type="checkbox" class="input-checkbox" name="terms" <?php checked( isset( $_POST['terms'] ), true ); ?> id="terms" />

    Then, right behind
    and save the edited file. The “agree with terms” checkbox should now be selected by default.

    Hope that helps!

Viewing 13 replies - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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