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  • Hi, how does one go about troubleshooting a situation where the use of shortcodes from a plugin causes the post contents to disappear from the TinyMCE editor? Specifically I’m trying to use the WP Post Columns plugin

    The plugin allows the writer to wrap [column] tags around content in the visual editor in order to display the text content in a newspaper style column format. It was working fine until I notice that when the post consists of a lot of content (pictures, lots of text, etc), the content would disappear from the editor. Basically if I was to make a change to it, click Update Post, the content inside the editor would blank out, switching to HTML tab shows nothing either. The weird thing is that the content is actually updated and it’s posted to the site. However, there’s no way to edit the post any further as the editor shows no content.

    Once I deactivate the plugin, I refresh the post edit page and voila the content is back. I’m sure it’s something to do with the shortcodes “[column][/column]” since if the shortcodes are not used, the post is fine. I posted for support on the plugin owners site but figured I ping the community for some advice.

    Any help is much appreciated.


    Funny enough it happens to this one as well: WP Columnize

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  • Anyone care to comment? I’m working with a deadline and would really like some help on this.

    Thanks much.

    You might find that your content is disappearing because the images inserted into the post are WIDER than the columns. If you shrink the images to be not more than the width of the column, then the content may reappear.

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