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    Be careful with this plugin. It has a lot of bugs, is not compatible with PHP 8.3 and the support is poor.
    I bought it, used it on my website and it was good, but after some updates problems appeared.
    I contacted support is what they say? “Everything here is fine and working well.” But that’s where he is and I don’t know if they’re telling the truth!

    The plugin has a lot of features, that’s true, but it’s sloppy and lacks a basic thing like, for example, a table is missing.

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  • Plugin Author wpsoul


    Hi. where did you contact with support?

    Php 8.3 is supported, only SEO addon had a problem with it, but it was also updated

    Plugin Author wpsoul


    Ok, I checked your tickets. You informed about two issues

    1. Import template is not in end of content. Marked as not critical, sent to developers for investigation. You were informed about this
    2. Php 8.3 warning for SEO addon – was fixed in the same day

    I don’t see any other tickets from you. So, I define your rating as false, we plan to make refund for you

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    OK, let's go.
    Do you want to refund my money now that I have over 300 articles with your plugin?
    And what will I do with all these items when the license is cancelled? This is not how you should work, I don't want the money, because I have more than 300 articles on my sites, with GreenShift templates.
    I bought the GreenShift plugin and everything was working fine, but after WordPress 6.5 the problems arose and I sent you a support ticket, reporting all the problems.
    You pretended you didn't understand and the only problem you solved was the incompatibility with PHO 8.3. I'm back to PHO 8.2!
    What about importing GreenShift models, did you forget that you haven't fixed it yet? Until now, the models imported into the post are fixed to the last paragraph of the post and there is no way to move them to the middle of the post.
    I sent you messages citing the problem and you pretended not to understand.
    Then, I sent images reporting the problem and again, you pretended you didn't understand.
    So I created a user on my website and gave him permission to import a template from GreeShift. You imported the model, it went to the last paragraph of the post-test and you told me that everything was ok, when it wasn't.
    Afterwards, I sent you a message saying that you didn't want to see the error and you replied saying you would see it. But GreenShift was updated twice and the error was not fixed.
    I rated this plugin with one star, because if I added 3 or 4 stars you wouldn't respond to my review.
    GreenShift still has the same error and you need to fix it. This is how developers should work. I'm a customer and I just wanted to show you the error so you can fix it, because I use the ReHub theme which is from the same company and is supposed to be 100% compatible with GreenShift. You are afraid of one star, so resolve the issue and I will delete this review because if it wasn't one star you wouldn't have responded.
    I want this plugin to be very successful because it is very good. In fact, GreenShift is one of the best WordPress plugins, but it seems like you are losing control because the plugin is too big.
    Just fix the GreenShift error and I will praise you!
    Plugin Author wpsoul


    First. using rating system is not the way for getting support. You used support board, you got answers, so it’s not true that you didn’t have any communication channel with us and you forced to use rating to take our attention. I understand if this happens if you don’t have answers on support, but it’s not our situation

    Second. You mentioned here so many bugs, but you added 300 articles. I think it’s a bit stange when you don’t like plugin, you have many critical bugs but you continue to add 300 articles. Right or not?

    Third. Your issues were not critical. php 8.3 was fixed immediately. You reported only about import issue where imported wireframe added to end of post and not inside content. This is definetely not critical bug that requires immediately attention, in your support request, we answered you that it was sent to developers, yes, it’s still not fixed and still in progress, but it’s definitely not affecting your site and even not affecting importing because you still can import and move blocks where you need. WordPress team doesn’t provide reports what was changed in core on 100% and we must do a lot of work to find alternative and debugging. I hope you understand this, and you are able simply to reopen ticket on support board and ask us about progress on this issue. We have 10 years in development, here is you can see number of closed tickets just for themes https://monosnap.com/file/kzkQYC6Vp0jFELB8a5Qz85VHGcu8vW It’s more than 40000, why do you think that we can leave you without attention and you must write 1 star rating to get answer from us? It’s so frustrating

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    Plugin Author wpsoul


    And bug with insertion point was fixed

    Thread Starter Anonymous User 22030737


    Sorry, I don’t know where you’re going with these accusations.

    First you tell me in the previous message that my rating is fake and I’m here. I’m not a fake person. Now you write a message of this size, when it should solve the problem with your plugin, which still has the error. I’m right now creating content and importing the models still takes “the imported model” to the last paragraph of the post. This is a mistake, which really bothers me.

    Then you accuse me of saying there was no communication channel? Where did you see that? Be honest and fix your plugin, because the Greenshift plugin is wonderful, but it’s in the wrong hands. I don’t want to take this personally, but you lie straight through your head.

    I also have clients and I would never respond the way you respond to me. Be polite and friendly, fix the problem with your plugin. Greenshift is a great plugin, but it seems like you don’t understand its importance.

    You also say that the problem is not a critical bug and that you will still fix it. Then you say it was fixed and it’s not true – the error persists.

    I just hope you understand me, that I need this function of Greenshift – that’s just why I bought the license for life. I sent messages reporting the problems, sent images, added a user for you to test on my website and provided you with all the conditions for you to solve the problem and you didn’t solve it. They didn’t even bother to say what was causing this problem with importing models.

    The error still persists at this point, but I am creating content without being able to import the models. I’m rooting for your company to resolve it and I’m treating the situation respectfully, unlike you who don’t respect me. Everyone reading this rating must be noticing this.

    I wish you a good day at work!

    Plugin Author wpsoul


    “First you tell me in the previous message that my rating is fake and I’m here”

    If you read my message carefully, I wrote that your rating has FALSE information, not FAKE. And yes, it has false information. For example, you wrote that it’s not PHP 8.3 compatible, but all our test sites use PHP 8.3.

    Second statement “table is missing” and this is why you think that GS “lacks a basic thing like table”. I think that plugin that is not a table plugin doesn’t require to have a table block, especially with the fact that a Table block is already available in Gutenberg. We have future request forum where you can add suggestions and most popular will be in work

    P.s and bug with wrong insertion point was fixed already. Again, it’s not our fault because it’s related to WordPress blocks that were changed in 6.5 version, but thank you for notice, we made required changes to import layout option for better compatibility with 6.5

    Plugin Author wpsoul


    @barboza10 so did you test update?

    Thread Starter Anonymous User 22030737


    To @wpsoul: You fixed the plugin after a long time. You could say that there was an error in the child theme.

    Your update: “version 8.7.6 Fix: Flex Child options wrong indicator”

    This fixed the problem and it is now working fine. Now the world knows I was right!

    To @acelerawp: I understand your concern and this plugin is really wonderful. What I don’t agree with is that I contacted GreenShift support and after providing so much information I didn’t get any more answers. If it weren’t for this star (only 1 star), the problem would not be fixed.

    I hope many people use this plugin which is excellent for Gutenberg blocks. But look at the stupid responses I received just for reviewing. I just wish Wpsoul would fix the problem.

    Now everything is fine and I will not change this review, just because I feel disrespected by GreenShift support.

    And you, good luck with your website. I’m taking care of my website!

    Plugin Author wpsoul


    @barboza10 Please stop providing false information, your responses are disrespectful and frustrating and I don’t know why you continue doing this

    This is your single support topic


    You got the answer and issue was sent to developers. You wrote this rating on the next day, so, it’s not true that you did this just because you waited too long for fix or you didn’t get answers. Also, this issue is defitenetly not critical and don’t affect your site or work with plugin.

    You could say that there was an error in the child theme.

    I don’t know why I need to say this, we don’t provide child themes. Flex child issue is not related to this topic and it was not reported by you.

    Ok, let’s return back to your initial rating, so, it will be fair.

    Your rating information

    “It has a lot of bugs, is not compatible with PHP 8.3”

      Please share details of bugs and details of php 8.3 issues

      I rated this plugin with one star, because if I added 3 or 4 stars you wouldn't respond to my review.

      Please share ticket number where you didn’t get answer or you waited too long.

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      As this is either payment dispute or a support request masquerading as a review of commercial software, I’m closing this topic. Please take this to the vendor’s own support pages.

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