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  • more details: in the generated html there are 2 divs with class=incsub_wiki incsub_wiki_single, style css tag is included too right under the divs

    i found this is somewhat related to simple facebook connect, disabling that plugin remove the problem, reenabling it give the issue again. i cannot figure out why this happen..

    Hi misthero,

    I am really disappointed with this plugin. I have no idea why it’s top rated because the “lite” version just cannot work with WP 3.3+. It’s sloppy programming – looks like some kind of intern did it. If the “premium” version is done the same way I’d feel really stupid if I paid any money for it.

    Anyway, I did a few minutes of debugging and figured out a few things:
    1. In the file wordpress-wiki-plugin.php find the method “theme($content)”. Find the “case ‘discussion’:” and add this line
    $new_content = $btop;
    right after and before the break;

    2. The same you do after “case ‘history’:” right before you see the first line starting with “$new_content”. It must look like this after you edit the new line:

    $new_content .= $btop;
    $new_content .= '<h3 class="long-header">'.$h2.'</h3>';

    3. Find the method “get_editor_form()”
    All the echo statements cause the for displayed twice – it’s really terrible coding! The easiest way to get around this is to wrap the whole string in a write buffer like this:
    ob_start(); // before the first echo

    return ob_get_clean(); // instead of return ”
    Now the form should be displayed only once.

    Unfortunately the problems aren’t over yet. The editor loads a TinyMce JS-library which in my case was not installed with the stock WP installation. I had to find the “simple” theme and copy it into the TinyMce folder. Finally it started working.
    Still, it really looks awful and there’s much more debugging and styling to do until the whole thing starts to make sense.

    I hope I’ll find some other solution.


    good catch, and thank you for sharing your findings, and good idea the write buffer, it worked to avoid multiple output.

    i cannot test the editor for now, i’m on wp 3.1.3 due to php limitation on the webserver and wp_editor() function is only available on 3.3

    If you want a non-plugin-modifying way to resolve this, you can use CSS and set any which are not within your primary template container to not display. Most themes should work with the following.

    .incsub_wiki { display: none; }
    #main .incsub_wiki {
        display: block;

    If as a result of this setup none show up, confirm what the top container in your theme is (main, container, primary, etc) and replace the #main in the second example.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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