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  • Hi Todd,

    I find your plugin a great one. Congratulations!

    But I have one question: do you know of a way in which I could automatically insert the shortcut in all pages (in the middle or the end of the post, for example), so that I would’t have to add manually the shortcut each and every time.

    Do you know of a plugin, which would do that for me, or could it be done with your plugin, by slight modification of code?

    Thank you!!

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  • Thanks.

    If you want this to appear at the start or end of every paage/post then this could be done for sure. Putting it in the middle would be more tricky I think. If you’re happy with this approach then let me know and I can let you know how this is done.

    You could of course add a widget area to your footer… would you prefer this?

    Hi again Todd,

    Yes, I guess by editing the template in single.php placing in beginning/end could work? But I have more serious problem 🙂 I wanted to put the “Similar posts” widget in my posts body. The problem is, I’ve tried by placing in in the special widget area created by your plugin, then placing the shortcut in a post, but it didn’t work. Do you know, if this widget is working for you?

    Because I guess, most people would like to have similar posts embedded with a thumbnail in their post, well.. if that was in the middle it would be nice, but even at the end is fine.

    And do you know, could I put the related posts widget as part of the post, that is, not below it, but as part of the last paragraph – say, to the left or to the right of the text. That would be nice 🙂

    Hey Sashobg,

    Yup I have it working with the similar posts widget (

    Does this plugin work for you in the normal sidebars?
    Also does my plugin work for other widgets for you?

    Also note that that plugin has some php which you can add to your template file to get this added automatically. Might be worth doing this instead in your case… see the installation instructions.

    Hi Todd,

    Great plugin. Thanks for your time. I’m trying to insert the line of code so the widget appears on all pages but it doesn’t seem to be doing anything for me. I’ve tried a bunch of different ways to simply show the widget after my content and I get nothing. I only have one widget thats listed as #1 and I’m using this code below:

    <?php widgets_on_template(“wop_1”); ?>


    Hey Chris,

    Thanks for your comments… and sorry to hear you’re having issues.
    The plugin should work if the sidebar and the value in the template tag are the same. Could you rename the sidebar (via the widgets on pages options page) to wop_1?


    Todd, that worked great. Thanks for the quick response. Sometimes these easy fixes aren’t so obvious and just need a little documentation.

    Ah good to hear Chris.

    And yeah, I should probably spend a little more time on the documentation… story of my life 😉

    Hi Todd,

    I just upgraded the plugin today and screwed myself. Now where I have the testimonials rotating on the homepage it no longer works with <?php widgets_on_template(“wop_1”); ?>


    Hey Chris,

    Can you confirm that the sidebar is still called “wop_1” in the admin menu?


    I am using theis. how to show widget in hook. i tried <?php widgets_on_template(“wop_1”); ?> but its not working. i tried [widgets_on_pages id=x] also in hook but it displays plain text. it works fine in page.

    how to display random posts below content on home page in thesis ??

    Hey ttbth,

    To be honest I’ve not event tried to call the plugin using hooks… this is something I will beed to have a look into if you feel that you can’t just use the php method in your page template or as a shortcode in the actual page content.

    From what you’re saying adding the php to the template for your homepage would be a viable option.


Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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