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  • Does anyone know if there’s any chance of the Widget Logic plugin being made 3.0 compatible?

    The WP plugin page seems to suggest it works (4 say YES, 0 say NO), but it’d be nice to see an official “Compatible up to 3.0” before I upgrade from 2.9.2 to 3.0!

    Thanks in advance to anyone (maybe Alan) who can help! 🙂

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  • Well it was just released, so I’d give it a couple weeks. Most plugins only update a few times a year. I’m guessing it works with the new version though as I don’t believe there was any major plugin changes. If you are worried you could try testing it on another installation such as a XAMPP setup on your computer.

    I’m afraid I’ve not put in enough time to check how thoroughly compatible it is. I tried the last RC before the official release (just out) and it LOOKED good – no complaints, it did what it was meant to in the quickest of tests. But it was not what I’d call thorough.

    If more user ratings pile up YES, I’ll mark it as officially compatible in a couple of weeks — why not, that’s beta testing for you!

    I have a small backlog of requested tweaks (strict mode, permission changes) that I’ve been meaning to implement and just not had the time either 🙁 and ideally I’d do that with a minor update release and official 3.0 compatibility.

    Now to see about upgrading our live site to 3.0…

    It worked fine for me with WP 3.0. Dunno if that helps 🙂

    Anyone having issues with WL and WP3 and has the time to help troubleshoot – let me know.

    still a small but important % of ppl (4 out of 26) registering WL as not working on WP3 🙁 but I have no leads as to the problem

    I have officially updated the site I use to test WL with to 3 and I can report no problems at all as yet.

    I’ll give it a week and then do a minor update to the code (I have been given some small changes to add) with an official ‘works with wp3’ tag in the readme.

    if before then anyone can help me work through any of the issues they are having with WL on WP3 i’d love to get some more substantial code changes in to help overcome the problems

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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