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    I love the widget_content filter, but I’m having some trouble getting the checkmark to “stick.” It seems to get unchecked whenever I change a widget and press the “Save Changes” button (general widgets save, not for the widget_content function).

    Happy to help test if you want me to try anything!

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  • i will look into this asap

    you are absolutely right! expect a patch shortly

    fixed in the ‘development version’ you can get at

    alternatively the one line fix needed is shown here

    Thanks so much for the quick fix! Works like a charm.

    The readme file still shows the conditional tags as eg: is\_home() where it should read is_home() and is\_category(5) instead of is_category(‘5’). Can you update this please

    will do.

    odd though cos I though that the escaped backslash was needed by markdown. i’m convinced that when i first tested the readme with the validator it made that text italic cos of the underscores and i added the slashes to force it to read ok. 🙁

    nevertheless it doesn’t now! so i will fix that.

    ah, it *does* still render some text as italic where there are TWO underscores on a line, like

    is_home() || is_category(‘baked-goods’)

    the underscores vanish and “home() || is” becomes italic. but it doesn’t effect the other lines. so i’ll get rid where i can. still makes the RAW readme a little misleading cos of the markdown-ness, but the online version will always look ok.

    I have been searching everywhere for a solution to my widget problem. You obviously know widgets. I don’t know if your widget would solve my problem or not.

    I downloaded WP 2.5.1 a couple of weeks ago. I am brand new to blogging but have very basic html ability – no php at all. I decided on the Cutline 3 ColumnRight theme. I love everything about it except for the widget problem.

    Those widgets that were included with the theme apparently all work. Plugins work, unless they involve a widget for a sidebar. A poster at support tried to help. None of his suggestions worked. He downloaded Cutline and it worked for him. Cutline is no longer supported, which seems strange as it’s claimed to be the most downloaded theme.

    I have started over several times. The install of WP was by the ISP, Bluehost.

    On the dashboard’s widget page, all installed widgets are listed on the left-hand side. You can add them to the right side but they disappear as soon as I save, refresh or view the page. They never appear in either sidebar. Should there not be a way of specifying in which column a widget should appear?

    I am truly at a loss. I desperately need help. My blog is at:

    does this happen when widget logic is inactive?

    First thing i notice about that theme is the bug in the function.php. Line 6


    should be register_sidebars(2);

    seems to work ok for me then with or without widget-logic.

    Sorry, I had to take my wife out to eat. She retired from the kitchen as well as teaching.

    I have not loaded widget logic. I was wondering if it might be of help. I went to edit my theme and it already read as you say it should. Were you able to change it? After checking that out I viewed my site but it still shows no widgets in the sidebars other than those that came with it. I also tried to move the widgets on the design/widget page. They still disappear when I attempt to save.

    no, i’m afraid widget logic won’t help you. my main suggestion would be first to deactivate all your plugins and if that is still of no help, make sure you are on an up-to-date browser.

    if that’s still not helping, try disabling javascript on your browser and going back to the widget management page. without javascript the widget page works subtly differently, and may work for you better.



    Serious issue here: if I modify a widget that is found on say 3 of my 6 pages, why do I need to go to each page containing that widget and save it in order for the new change in the widget to be shown? Is this a bug in widget logic or am I missing something?



    see reply on other thread – it sounds like a caching issue.

    Alan, pardon my ignorance…which other thread? thanks.

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