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  • I know this has been asked before. I’ve read just about every topic thoroughly to see if maybe I missed something–and maybe I still am!

    Like so many people, I have decided to use a static front page which I have called Home (home being the slug as well) and for my Blog, I used blog as the slug.

    I know that is_home() is supposed to make sure that a particular widget only shows up on the ‘blog’ or posts page, not on the static specified front page (as I understand it, that would be is_front_page() ). However, is_home() is not making that widget show up on my ‘blog’ page where I have my posts.

    This is what I put on my categories widget:

    is_single() || is_home() || is_archive() || is_category()

    So that it would show up on all the individual posts pages, in the archives pages and on all of the categories pages. All of those codes are working, but not is_home(). I have only one thought as to why that could be.

    I am using the thematic wordpress template. I noticed that it is not listed on the supported themes page, so, maybe someone has any insight into whether that could be the issue, and, what could be a work around, if that is the case.

    I apologize for the wall of text, but, I prefer to be thorough in explaining my issue. Thank you for any and all insight and help.

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  • Cathy Tibbles


    You should seek help on the thematic support forums

    personally, i’m not sure the difference between is-home and is front page functions.



    Forum Moderator

    Try replacing is_home() with is_front_page()?

    Multitalentedmommy, I did tag this post with thematic, so, hopefully it will generate some views. But, I will also try the thematic site as well.

    Esmi, I’ve tried that. Puts it on the actual static front page, as expected. Does not but it on the blog page. Thanks for the thought though!

    thematic seems to have lots of sidebars. is this true of widgets in all the sidebars?

    no such luck on trying out a different sidebar. same result. =(

    and does the widget logic work on the standard theme ok?

    alanft, yes, it works on the default theme. so, i guess it must be something to do with thematic. i have made a post to the thematic forums, so, hopefully somewhere there can help as well.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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