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  • Hello all;

    Ok, I fix one problem only to encounter another! So is the life of programming I guess! Lol

    Originally I wanted to have certain pages show certain sidebars, and as per the link below, I finally figured out how to do it.

    But now, using Widget Logic, I am unable to see those sidebars to yet be loaded in the drop down menu of available sidebars to add widgets to in the plugin/widget dashboard menu. Any ideas on how to get the dashboard to recognize all the extra sidebar pages I have, since they are saved in the same folder on the server as all the other php pages.

    Also, I noticed I am having a similar problem where it regards the WordTube plugin. In any given post, I can add either the [media..] tag or [playlist..] tag, but when I add it in a sidebar, it simply displays it as text written as opposed to actually inputing the media file!

    As a non-programmer, I have a gut feeling these are related to the same issue, so I figured I would throw it out there to see if anyone had any input. But if I am only able to resolve the 1st issue listed, that would be fine, then I can create a new forum posting about the other after if needed.

    Thanks in advance to anyone who may have some guidance.

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  • are you saying that without widget logic plugin active you get a list of sidebars to choose from in the appearance-widgets admin page? and that when it’s active you don’t get the same drop-down menu list?

    BTW, the code in that linked post doesn’t show you how to make multiple dynamic sidebars. you need to have code using the register_sidebar() function to register your different sidebars – that way the admin interface knows about them, and you can then output them with dynamic_sidebar(X). There’s good tutorials around, here’s one i googled that looks ok:

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