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  • I installed Widget Logic to create a customized landing page, which works fine. On my homepage, all my widgets show up fine as well as the different ones I created for my landing page.

    However, on all my blog posts (current and older), the sidebar has disappeared. Here is a sample of the disappearing sidebar:

    I have is_front_page() set for my homepage and is_page(‘create-transforming-stories-of-art-life-faith’) set for my custom landing page.

    I am not a coder, so a simple explanation is appreciated for how I can make my homepage sidebar show up for each blog post.

    Thank you!

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  • Plugin Contributor alanft


    for the widgets that should appear on single posts, what logic are you using? Do you have any set to appear regardless? (i.e. no WL code)

    Thanks Alan for your quick response.

    You question helps identify where I am getting stuck. I haven’t set any logic for single posts and I’m not sure where to do that?

    In the WP widgets, I’ve only set logic for is_frontpage() (for all the widget’s I’d like to appear on the fp) and for my landing page, I’ve set the logic specifically for that landing page, which works fine.

    Under Admin/Settings/Reading, I do have “Front Page Display” to “Your Latest Posts”…

    I know it’s probably an easy tweak…not sure how to do it though??

    Is it categories I need to set up since I categorize each blog post, (writing, creativity, etc.) so the widget will show up with each post according to the category I set?

    Thanks for your feedback…

    To clarify, for widgets that I’d like to appear on single posts, I do have the is_frontpage() displayed (so naturally they are appearing on the front page)…so, can I enter logic for the widgets appearing on the front page and on a single post in the WL box?

    Not sure if I can enter multiple lines of logic…

    Bingo…Alan, you nailed it.

    I didn’t realize that when nothing is entered into the WL box, the widgets default to appear everywhere…in my case, every post, which is exactly what I wanted.

    Thank you for point me in the right direction!

    Sorry Alan,

    I was wrong…I deleted the is_frontpage() from several of the widgets and while they do appear on every single post now, they disappear on the homepage of my blog.

    So, the simplest way to explain this is that I’d like to display certain widgets on both the homepage of my blog and onto the individual blog posts page.

    Sorry for the confusion…


    Please respond when you can asap…I’d really like to resolve this issue. By removing the logic on some of the widgets on my home page, the widgets now appear on my landing page, which I don’t want.

    Thanks for your response.

    Plugin Contributor alanft




    makes widgets appear on your landing page, you can invert this logic with the logical NOT operator which is a ‘!’ mark:


    If you can make things appear on your home page with is_front_page() and individual posts with is_single(), then you can tell it to appear when either one or other case is true with the logical OR operation which is two ‘pipe’ characters like this ‘||’

    is_single() || is_front_page()

    see more info here

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