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[Resolved] [Plugin: Widget Logic] Problem after upgrading to 0.52

  • I have just upgraded to version 0.52 of WL
    I went to alter a widget and found I cannot access any of my widgets. The list on the right hand side of the screen is there but no titles show and clicking on the down arrow does nothing.

    Everyting was fine yesterday when I updated a couple of links.

    The widgets still display and work OK on the website.

    How can I revert to the previous version to find out if that is the problem?

    Thanks. Steve


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  • P.S. If I de-activate the plugin everything appears OK again.

    Plugin Author alanft


    with all wp repository plugins you can go to the plugin’s developers page e.g.


    to get old versions. i’ve not heard of this problem before, so I’d definitely try to uninstall and re-install the regular version – in case it’s just a failed install. what version of WP are you on (it’s tested ok on 3.4 BTW tho it still says only up to 3.3.2 or something)

    another thing you can do with widgets admin page is open the ‘screen options’ and activate ‘accessibility mode’ (which is an alternative JS-free way to edit widgets)

    For various reasons I am running the site on a pretty old version of WP
    I tried a fresh install with the same results so reverted to v5.0 which seems to work fine. Thanks

    Plugin Author alanft


    is it pre 2.8?

    Not quite that old – 3.0.2

    Plugin Author alanft


    Thanks – that’s upsetting tho, as I thought I’d written it with only pot 2.8 filters and code in mind.

    I’ll try setting up a 3.0 install and see what’s going on.

    Plugin Author alanft


    BTW, someone pointed out to me that i use a function introduced in 3.1. so I’ve rolled that back in my local test code as it was very minor, and easily replaced with unchanging HTML.

    If you are interested I will commit it as DEV in the repository for you to trial – see if that fixes all your issues?

    Alan. Many thanks for continuing to look into this. When I have time – and I don’t at the moment! – I will have a go at trying it out. All the best. Steve

    It’s http://codex.wordpress.org/Function_Reference/submit_button which is WP 3.1+ only. Downgrade WL to version 0.51 and you’re all good on WP 2.9 and 3.0 🙂

    Plugin Author alanft


    yep, i’ve taken that function out of the dev version. Cheers, all

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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