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  • Hello, wordpress community!

    I am having trouble displaying widgets on all paginated pages for my blog index. The plug in widget context works fine. However, in order to make a widget visible on all paginations of my blog, I have to manually enter each pagination page id !?

    I am able to accomplish displaying them this way, but as my blog grows over time, I am going to have soo many “show on” urls which will get complicated. For some reason when I designate show on “blog index”, the widget only shows on the first page of posts?

    I can see why this is happening..
    my blog is on its own static page (not home page) with a permalink of url/?page_id=19 and when I click on pagination link #2 the url changes to url/?page_id=19&paged=2 and it changes for each pagination.

    Like I said I can manually enter each paginated url for each widget, but over time this will not be ideal! I tried setting “show on” is_home() for my blog index, but this did not work.

    I hope I have made both the problem and what I am trying to accomplish clear.

    I’m hoping that someone else may be aware of something I am clearly overlooking. So if any insight out there could be passed my way, this would be awesome!!

    (btw, if it sheds more light, I am using wp-pagenavi to create my posts pagination)

    Thanks in advance,

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