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  • Resolved findigart


    I liked the implementation – so clean and simple, so precise and concise.
    This defeats TS Custom Widget and MyCustomWidget by far.

    But…it simply does not work. Showing widgets cross-site does not work, “add to any” widgets do not show, Text widgets do not show in consistency with my instructions.

    What a shame, this could have been one Great plugin. I’d love to see improvements.

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  • Confirmed. This doesn’t work. I don’t know how it got past WordPress’s QA. Wasted time

    I am using at most of my sites (dozens) at it works just fine, I really appreciate the filter and am happy that the latest release displays neatly (good work on CSS).

    Wonder what’s going on with your versions?!

    OK than, I an open to hear: How can you make it show a widget on all pages? Do you by any chance use add to any widgets? do they display? How can you show a widget only on the home page? (and yes I know it says to type in <home> or to choose ‘homepage’ but it simply does not work)…


    If it doesn’t work on your setup, please create a temporary login for me and send it to kaspars at, and I will have a look.

    findigart, to show widget on all pages you have to select “Hide on Selected” for widget context, and have nothing else selected.

    Previously this option was called “Display everywhere, except selected”. Would that make more sense semantically?

    Hello kaspars 🙂 Thanks for your reply…

    I have emailed you and included my response to your question there. If you wish you can publish it.

    Thanks 🙂

    How can I get the plugin to show on only one PAGE (not post). My permalinks use the page name as such:

    Maybe you can try:

    for example:

    ScrltOTara, enter this:


    in the URL target box. Add this:


    if you also want to show that widget on all subpages.

    Is this possible? I have a script in Text-widget, I want script to be executed even if I use Hide function

    but, in actual whenever I use hide function in Widget Context It does hides but the script also disables – any workaround for this

    igc, select ‘Show on Selected’ (with no other options selected) instead of ‘Hide’ and the script will run on every page.

    If don’t want to have the widget title displayed, leave it empty.

    The plug-in totally works, though it took me a few minutes to figure out what I was doing wrong. Basically, when you’re adding/excluding certain pages, you simply enter the name of the page, with no slashes. The note beneath it pertaining to the use of slashes is only relevant when you’re adding/excluding subpages.

    For example:
    If I want to have a widget only appear on the “Bicycles” page, I simply enter:


    But if I want the widget to appear on subpages of the “Bicycles” page, I enter:


    Hope that helps.

    Kaspars, great plug-in, but you could definitely improve the documentation. It’s super easy to use, but it doesn’t seem that way at first glance.

    to expand on drinkonlyscotch’s reply…
    To get it to work for single pages you must select the “Single Page” radio button on the left then in the “target by URL” box on the right put in your exact page permalink path. So, for example if you installed Atahualpa in the directory “blog” your path would be http://domainname/blog/pagename. Enter “blog/pagename” in the box. Or, if you want the widget to appear on all the pages under that page type “blog/pagename/*”. Permalinks can be ugly so check the format of yours and make it “pretty” if you want it clean.

    Every time I try doesn’t work 🙁

    When I try and get the widget to ONLY show on this page, it shows on EVERY Artist page… I’ve use the following strings in the Target by URL field when on the Show on Selected w/ Single Page selected:


    nothing seems to work… I’m using WP 2.8.3 – do you think that’s the problem??

    If anyone has any ideas, suggestions or whatever feel free to email me at


    hello airandseabattle,

    Tick off “single page”. “single page” is to show the widget on all pages in the website.
    artists/we-the-kings – what you wrote first should do the trick.

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