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  • I know very little about php so hacking this plugin is a pretty big challenge for me and one that is probably a little too big and I was wondering if someone could help.

    I want to add the option to have widgets on particular taxonomies and I tried adding the middle lines in the following code to try get that to happen but to no avail.

    if (is_category()) $currently['is_category'] = true;
    if (taxonomy_exists('black')) $currently['taxonomy_exists'] = true;
    if (is_tag()) $currently['is_tag'] = true;


    . $this->make_simple_checkbox($options, $wid, $group, 'is_tag', __('Tag Archive'))
    . $this->make_simple_checkbox($options, $wid, $group, 'taxonomy_exists', __('Black Post'))
    . $this->make_simple_checkbox($options, $wid, $group, 'is_author', __('Author Archive'))

    I also replacing the ‘taxonomy_exists’ with ‘is_tax’ but that didn’t work either.

    I am trying to display widgets only on pages that are in the taxonomy: Color:black. Any ideas?

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