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  • Thanks for reporting this. I’ll look at the settings and maps key problem soon.

    It would take a lot of work to aggregate old stats to save database space, so for the foreseeable future I’m afraid that isn’t going to happen.

    At the moment there isn’t any caching in the main reports (shortcodes have caching). I’ll see if I can do this for old stats, but I’m not sure when I can do that.

    Ok, no problem. Also just realized, the plugin adds two tables per blog. That could result in quite a lot of extra tables as opposed to i.e. firestats that adds just a bunch of global tables…

    The only problem I have with firestats is the ugly reports. It basically has almost all the information I could possibly want but the reports presentation is simply ugly 🙁

    Will see how your plugin evolves (if at all)

    When I tried FireStats it killed my server. The SQL code was awful. That was the main reason I started Wibstats.

    The multi-table per blog thing is, in my opinion, better than having a single table with potentially many millions of records. With per-blog tables the database can be sharded. It’s all swings and roundabouts, though!

    sure, there are always two sides to a story…

    Actually, I’ve fixed that flaw already in “my version” of wibstats. It wasn’t too difficult either, some deprecated code that needs replacing.

    I think I will go on develop my own stats-script using Wibstats as a base, I like the idea, but it needs some fine-tuning…

    bortkopplad: if you want to share your code with me I’d be happy to use your bugfixes.

    Oh gee, I think the code’s beyond recognition by now. I didn’t really think about re-writing it for public use, just for my own application.

    I got the impression that I was the only one having these troubles, so, I re-wrote it for my environment, and while at it, changed a little here and there…


    For me, WordPress 2.9.2 and Wibstats 0.5.2 creates Blog statistics Settings twice and Google Maps API doesn’t work as well.

    Romik84: are you using WPMU or standard WordPress? If WPMU do you have the plugin in you /mu-plugins/ folder and your /plugins/ folder by mistake?

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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