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  • Hi BigAl-DPNG

    What is it you have updated to 2.5? Also have you tried updating the plugin to ensure you have the latest (version 0.1.1).

    Also in what way is the plugin not working?

    I got the notification that an update to the plugin was available and after upgrading, mine doesn’t work either. At the bottom of pages, this is displayed:

    WordPress database error Out of range value adjusted for column ‘ip’ at row 1 for query INSERT INTO wp_who_is_online (ip, user_id, botname, path, first_visit, last_visit, view_count) VALUES (‘-805316743’, 1, ”, ‘/wp-admin/plugins.php?plugin_status=all&paged=1′ , 1247720988, 1247720988, 1) ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE path=’/wp-admin/plugins.php?plugin_status=all&paged=1’, view_count=view_count+1, user_id=1, last_visit = 1247720988; made by require_once, do_action, call_user_func_array, who_is_online_upload_activity

    Sorry for double-posting, but I just wanted to say that I offered the above to help you out… but, also, I forgot to say when the plugin is disabled, that text at the bottom of pages will go away.

    I deactivated and deleted the plugin. re-installed it… same thing. Hope this helps for troubleshooting!

    ahh ok looks like a change made to stop using a mysql function to convert an ip to an int is causing problems.

    for some reason your ip is showing as -805316743 which should not happen.

    Will release a new update later today to fix the issue.

    A new version has just been uploaded to fix this issue.

    I was unaware that the PHP ip2long function could give out negative numbers. The field in the database only accepted positive numbers. I have changed the field to be signed so negative numbers do now work.

    Sorry about this post. It was actually another Who’s online plug-in I was using. This one is working fine.

    Running 2.8.6 if there are many users logged in, the wordpress footer floats on top of the table and displays right under the left menu.

    I’m not exactly sure what the issue is, but if you remove the height from .tablenav:

    .tablenav {
    height: 30px;

    the problem is resolved. I don’t know if that attribute is required for the admin, so I thought I’d ask if anyone can A. replicate the issue, and B. fix the issue without breaking the wordpress admin panel.

    Plus it would be nice to have a fix that doesn’t affect the wordpress admin as a whole, but only this plugin.




    I am also experiencing john-michael’s problem, has anyone found a fix? It gets pretty annoying. I really would like to continue using this plugin.

    Hi Guys.

    My apologies for missing this threads latest replies. I have not been around on the wordpress forum much. I am actually making updates to this at the moment and hope to have an update within the next couple of days.

    My apologies for not having resolved this issue earlier.

    Just a note to john-michael and Jakets. A new version has just been released and this issue should now be resolved.

    If you experience any further issues please feel free to let me know.

    The new update is just a couple of bug fixes however if your template shows the author of a post it will now also display (online) after their name if they are on.

    Thanks coffear, seems to be working a lot better. I don’t see the (online) thing though after my name on the post. You can see my site template here: I have a small request I would love to see added. Could you make it show in the admin panel the max users online each day as well as total?

    so like:

    There are currently 9 people online.
    1 member
    8 guests
    Max visitors today: 35 at 7:45 am
    Max visitors ever: 185 on 1/13/10

    Thanks. For now I think I will keep using my other plugin, but if you add this I would definitely switch permanently to your plugin.

    Hi Jakets

    I will certainly look into the max visitors suggestion.

    Regarding the theme issue. I have just downloaded the Exile theme for testing and (online) did display for me.

    When you were testing were you definately logged in at the time?

    If you were is the username actually hardcoded into the theme?

    If at all possible would you be able to send me a copy of the version of the theme you have for testing purposes.


    I have 1.1.4 the same version you would have downloaded. I will try again later and check it. For now I will wait till you add the max visitors as this is an important feature for me. Visitor Maps and Who’s Online has this feature, so you may be able to look at the code for that and use it.


Viewing 13 replies - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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