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  • I tried out the video tutorial system and unsubcribed right after viewing the thing and looking around.

    And yes, it delivers about 30 little videos (for a total playing time of about an hour for everything) that describe what this button and that button is … but, unless you’ve just heard about WP and are wondering what all the fuss is about – and are logged into your WordPress site’s backend (the only way to view their cliff notes manual and tiny videos) – and scratching your head because you’re afraid to press any buttons, this will “NOT” be for you. It’s kindergarten WordPress in a nutshell. PERIOD.

    For $9 US per month in subscription fees, you’d be better off visiting and pay about $24 a month for a library of thousands of hours of high-quality video and downloadable manuals (for a few extra dollars) on every subject relating to WordPress, graphics, web design, eCommerce business apps, etc…. I’d even say doing a Google search would lead you to better video and written tutorials and educational material. Nothing to see here folks.

    Sorry, if you’re the developer of this because it has potential, if you’re willing to make something worth paying for …. IMHO

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  • Hi, thanks for your feedback.

    Just to clarify, the product you are referring to here in your review is actually our WordPress User Manual Plugin,, not the free White Label CMS plugin.

    Your comments are in all fairness correct from a Developers education point of view, but this is not what the WordPress Manual Plugin was developed for. It is designed for Developers to give to their Clients who are the ones who as you say “have just heard about WordPress”.

    The videos are designed to be exactly as you said to “describe what this button and that button is”, so developers don’t have to spend valuable time with every client doing exactly that.

    You are correct, the “30 videos” are deliberately under 5 minute each, to allow clients to quickly find answers to problems they have without having to resort to watching a 40 minute video, or worse phoning up the Developer in order to get an answer to simple query.

    The entire purpose of the WordPress User Manual Plugin is to help answer questions for new Clients on how they can use their brand new WordPress CMS and NOT have to continually contact their Developer to ask questions.

    Many of the Developers who use the plugin, were attracted to the fact the their clients could actually view the manual when they are “logged into your WordPress”, because it appears in the menu system. As one of our subscribers said “the bit that really got my attention was when I saw the manuals as part of the WordPress menu system. It looked so integrated; I can’t believe I never thought of that”.

    Thank you for the mention of “cliff notes” in reference for to the 100 page written manual included in the plugin. This is a good description for being able to get you clients up to speed on how to use WordPress as their CMS if they prefer to learn by reading rather than watching the videos.

    Let us stress again, that the WordPress User Manual Plugin is for Developers to give to their Clients, to allow their Clients to educate themselves on how to use their new CMS. As stated in as one of the first questions in our FAQ, this is not for new Developers wanting to learn about the WordPress codex.

    The whole purpose is to save time for Developers in the education of their Clients since the Video User Manual Plugin will provide their Clients with all the basic knowledge they require. We also realise that every Developer will use WordPress as a CMS in a slightly different way, have their own specific features etc. This is why we have made is easy to turn on and off videos, and more importantly integrate your own videos into the manual. We even provide a .psd video thumbnail template so everything with look closely integrated.

    With WordPress 3 on its way soon, we are sure all Developers are aware any video tutorials they have made in the past will need to be updated. But if you are using the WordPress User Manual Plugin, you don’t need to worry about it, as we already in the process of remaking all 30 videos and adding new videos to cover the new functionality available.

    If anyone has any questions or queries about the WordPress User Manual Plugin, we are more than happy to answer them. Please submit your questions to:

    Also please remember, we do offer a 30 day money back guarantee if you feel that this is not what you need.

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