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  • Hi,
    We are having an issue where when importing our settings into the latest White Label (1.5) all of the settings are applying correctly, except for one: Links.

    Despite having Hide Links Menu selected in our exported White Label settings, and despite the checkbox being checked after importing, when logging in as the Editor, the Links menu is still present.

    What could be causing this issue?

    We have been having issues with Saving White Label settings leading to a ‘Page Not Found’ while Mod Security was active, could this issue be related? It seems like the Links menu setting is the only one not being respected, which is odd.

    Unchecking and rechecking the box and saving seems to fix the issue, but it’s a super annoying bump in our workflow.

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    I have tried replicating this issue but it seems that everything is ok. Do you know by any chance any issues like this from the Old version?


    We have been having issues with the plugin not behaving with Mod Security enabled. The plugin would go to 404 when attempting to save settings.

    With version 1.5 we started importing settings with the import feature and the issue didn’t occur when saving settings this way, with the sole exception apparently being that the Links menu setting is being ignored (although I did have issues with Screen Options the other day, but haven’t had time to investigate).

    Update: It appears that access to the Appearance menu isn’t working correctly either. It shows in the menu, but attempting to access will display a no permission error.

    Disabling Mod Security and saving the imported settings again fixes the issue. Clearly the plugin is tripping something on Mod Security. Any insight on this?

    So do you have any more information that could help? Causing an annoying bump in our workflow, would love to get this fixed, or figure out how to fix it if it’s something on our end.


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    Hi Jake,

    We are checking on this however I have one question regarding the mod security. So every time you save it you need to manually disable the mod security for it to continue?


    Hi Viv,

    Thanks for your help, yes we do need to turn off Mod Security to save the settings. While mod security is active hitting save just goes to a Page Not Found, and importing leads to mistakes in the settings being applied until we hit save again (which will lead to a page not found if mod sec is active).

    However we are able to turn it back on immediately and the plugin functions properly, it’s only the import and save functions we’re having issues with.

    I can talk with our IT guy about getting you some logs or something if that would be of any help.


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    Hi Jake.

    Sorry for the slow reply. Have been busy with Google Analyticator updates this week.

    I’ve made some minor adjustments to /plugins/white-label-cms/includes/admin.view.php

    If you could update it from here:

    and let me know if that fixes your problem – would be much appreciated!


    Thanks Ben, we’ll give that a go tomorrow and get back to you.

    No luck, issue still persists. If there’s anything you need from me that would help, let me know.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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