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  • Hello,

    I was wondering if there is any plugin available which allow registered users to upload photos along with files? Something similar to a photo gallery but allow users to contribute their photos. And along with each of the photo contributed, it also allow user to upload files along with the photo.

    Anyone have any suggestion please?

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  • Use a contact form.

    Thanks for your response, but a contact form is not a photo gallery. What I mean is a gallery system which allow visitors to submit photos and in the admin panel I can approve them and the photos will get display automatically in the gallery.

    What you’re wanting is specific functionality. I don’t know of any plugin that currently does this.
    My suggestion was to have a photo gallery using whatever gallery plugin you like, then just have a basic contact form that has file upload. If you approve the photo, just add it to your gallery.
    To automate this would require that specific functionality to have been written in a plugin.

    Ok so maybe it was my terminology that was confusing. When I said contact form, I just meant any html form. That’s how your users would be uploading a photo/file. If someone were to create a plugin to give you the functionality you’re looking for, it would use a form for this, which is why I’m telling you to do the same. All you’d be missing is having the entire process of integrating the form with the gallery automated.

    This is exactly the same thing I was looking for. It would be great, if there was this functionality, so you would log into the wp menu and just accept the photos you allow. I know I’m lazy, but still shame there isn’t one!

    Any luck guys….???

    I’m looking to do the same and thinking of using TDO mini forms for uses to attach the pictures!



    I couldn’t find one either so I ended up writing one…PhotoSmash Galleries…Hope it helps. Here’s the link:



    Word Press Vault may work


    And so might Download Manager


    Oh, and you might need Role Manager to make them work.

    Hi bennebw-

    Love the concept behind your plugin, and am anxious to give it a try, but I am receiving the following error after setting up a gallery:

    Fatal error: Call to undefined method wpdb::insert() /wp-content/plugins/photosmash-galleries/bwbps-admin.php on line 135

    Any suggestions?

    This is what I also require, I’m hoping bennebw’s plugin is going to do the job, basically I want to build a WP site for users to upload there photographs and be able to rate all of the uploaded photo’s as well once logged in. Kinda based on the “got or not” or “rate my pic” sites. If anyone can suggest any help on this it would be great, and bennebw let me know if this is what your plugin is capable of.

    It’s something that I’m looking for as well, user registration, upload photo and have other users rate them 1-10. Haven’t yet started with WP yet as this function is key to the site. Have been looking at Drupal and Joomla as well but after days of reading I don’t think any can do it and I’m not at the stage where I can afford custom build :0(

    Having read many forums, there is a lot of demand for a function like this, even paid extension/pugin would be popular!

    I’m looking for the same functions.. user can upload pictures, post etc. Can’t seem to find any.

Viewing 13 replies - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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