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  • Hi, I got information from another topic that you are working on the globalization of Welcart. Can I suggest (or maybe request) you some feature in order to make Welcart can be adapted for everyone?

    I have try Welcart and have some feature request which I think it is very important to be adopted in Welcart. Some of them I got from PrestaShop cart.

    Currencies Management
    Here, we can add currency (more than one) and its rate, so we can update currency exchange rates automatically.

    Related Product (Cross Selling)
    Here, we can add related product.

    Accessories Product (Optional Product)
    Looks like Related product, but it can be product complement.

    Countries Management
    Here, we can add country as much as we want. We can also add state (eg: USA), and also city.

    Welcart has “Province” option. But, it is very limited. I think we must make it very flexible.

    Vouchers Code
    Welcart has point system that we can use in order to get some discount. But, in my opinion, we also need voucher discount to reduce price.

    Customer Group
    Here, we can add group and make a cluster for our customer. Loyal customer needs to be clustered to “special group” right? We can adjust some reduce price to the group we want.

    Pack Product
    Here, we can combine several products into one package with it’s own price.

    Employees Management
    Same like customer, we must cluster our empleyees to. This feature is identically with WordPress user role management system. We can give permission for some activity for the group.

    OK, that are some feature for know. Maybe you can consider it.
    Anyone have same idea?


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