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  • My client is using old versions of both wordpress and welcart. The issue he is having is that when a customer goes to place an order and they go to finalize, the confirmation page will always default back to florida where is shipping from. Even if they live, for instance, in Denver, Colorado. Instead of saying Denver, Colorado on the confirmation page, it will say Denver, Florida and then they will exit out and not place the order.

    ON THIS NOTE: I have told him the most likely fix is to install all the necessary updates and then go from there. But he claims the last time he updated, it wiped out all of the items currently in his store and he had to relist them all. If this is the case when the software updates, is there a way to back up all of the items on the store and then re add them once the update is complete?

    Any help on this would be awesome. I’m kind of hitting a dead end and really need the money before the Holidays. Thank you to anyone who responds, Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year to everyone!

    Check out my UNFINISHED site @ and let me know what you think of the layout! THANKS!!!

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  • Plugin Author uscnanbu


    Hi, markbyrnes

    What is the version of Welcart that your client uses now?
    When you upgrade it, depending on a version using, configured data may break. However, there cannot be the thing that product data disappear.

    Furthermore, Welcart may not work normally when the theme that you use is too old even if you upgrade Welcart.

    To operate it definitely, Upgrade Welcart to latest version and install ‘wc_templates’ folder in the theme folder that you are using. There is ‘wc_templates’ in /usc-e-shop/theme/welcart_default/.

    When you use ‘wc_templates’, a layout may collapse. In that case, please coordinate style.css.


    As Uscnanbu told you, please let us know the actual version of both of WP and WC.

    And your suggestion to your customer (updating may resolve the issue) is the best, I also think.

    Anyway, the best practice is making the test environment on the server or on your local by copying the current system set, then test upgrading Welcart.
    Once you see some issues after upgrading, you may report the actual situation (ex: upgraded Welcart from Vx.x to Vx.x, and the marchants disappeared), then people who supports you can provide some resolution I believe. I think that is the fastest way to update your (customer’s) system.

    Happy new year!

    I wanted to say thank you to both of your replies, they were both absolutely, 100% helpful. This morning, after backing everything up on his WC and WP so that I could do the proper updating and reporting back to this forum so I could get further help with this he decides to tell me he is no longer going to be paying me for service, so i’ve decided not to worry about it anymore.

    He refused to pay me because he feels all the work I put into this site should be considered a free consult and ive already told him since day 1 hour 1 minute 1 that he would be billed and he agreed. So him and I are agreeing to disagree until he pays.

    Once he pays me, ill update this post with the version information. again thank you and take care.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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