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  • Hello Kaiser. Thank you for your mail.

    As I have written on another thread,

    Welcart has However not all the materials have been internationalized yet and there are several things noted in Japanese directly on the code. Therefore, you should be aware of the fact that there might be some Japanese parts appear without translation by gettext.

    Official Wellart POT file is not yet prepared. You can use usces.pot in the languages directory instead.

    Japanese version of MO file has been done with poEdit.

    The file names of MO file and PO file is following.

    (** is the language code)

    The file is in usc-e-shop/languages/.

    * notice
    Welcart are tailored to the business practices of Japan. Therefore, for use in countries other than Japan, there might be some items, such as names, addresses, and date, set awkward way for their habits.
    We are currently working on solving this problem. In new system, you will be able to choose an American business practice instead for other countries. When we finish these processes of real internationalization, we will, by this forum, announce you and ask for language file to bundle on Welcart.

    Your help will be appreciated then,

    Hi uscnanbu,

    Thanks for your answer. I´ve already translated a lot to see what your plugin is about. I hope you´ll send me the files directly per mail, when you´re finished, because i don´t take a look here too often.


    Hello F J Kaiser,

    Currently, we are working on the internationalization of Welcart. Before all that procedure finishes, language file will be edited frequently. That means original Japanese files, on which you spend time to translate, might be changed anytime. I would recommend you to start working on the translation, when internationalization is completed.

    Once we are done, we will be bundling fundamental POT file to Welcart it self. We will announce that on the forum, but at the same time, if you see that POT file is bundled with Welcart upgraded, that means internationalization is completed.

    All the best,


    Hello Nanbu,

    to make that clear: I loosly translated some of the admin-strings to get a clue what your plugin is about.. so i don´t have to worry about the time spend. It was “lost” time anyway.

    One side note: I hope you will offer the option to put your products incl. and excl. taxes on your pages. Over here in europe we got the tax included, not like on the u.s.-market, where they offer products in their shops exclusive tax and add the tax on the bill afterwards. Thanks for considering that.

    Wish you best,


Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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