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    I’m trying to find a way in which customers can place orders with an automated shopping basket that records the parts number, quantity and enter payment method (credit/cash card, paypal or other) and email the workshop.
    Because of the nature of the business (described further down), a stock check-up have to be done at the worksop and only then the operation can be accepted or an answer about the likely delay sent.

    Can Welcart e-commerce be configured like this?
    I understand it has an estimated reply facility. Maybe this could be used to reply either to accept the order o inform the cusrtomer of the likely delay in availability?

    I’m building a wp website for a friend. He machines small metal parts for music instruments and have a very extensive catalogue (makes nuts, bolts, pegs, keys, tone rings… reproduction parts of old american instruments, lots of small bits in all sort of shapes, metals and finishes wich makes the parts list endless and production, machine setting and calibration a nightmare). It’s a hobby-industry for the love of these instruments aside of the main business. He can’t afford to have someone taking telephone orders or checking complicated email orders written ad-hoc by customers ordering half a dozen bolts no one has ever made since 1880!).

    A shopping basket that can wait for a worksop stock check up for the transaction to be accepted and completed.

    Any advice will be most appreciated!
    Thank you very much.

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  • I don’t know if this information will be of anyone’s help, but here’s what I gathered so far:
    Rich ‘elfin’ Pedley says eShop can’t
    the guys at Wazala wrote to me to say payment is necessary to close and send the order and can’t be configured to send an order but hold payment. 🙁
    I’m trying to find about Welcart, but a Q in their dedicated forum and email to their page hasn’t just yet yield any answers.
    Vark at get wrote to me about WP e-Commerce: I think a straightforward solution would be to go to a manul order system. WPEC would need an add-on to hold the card number, and I believe Visser Labs has a solution available (there may be others).

    Still, anyone that can help me out finding out how to set a online catalogue with ordering system tyhat can hold to approve payment until a manual check-up can be done to verify the order can be met, please get in touch!!
    I would be most grateful.
    Thanks nevertheless for reding this far.

    WP e-commerce can be configured manually. The order can be collected at checkout and sent. Its received at admin where availability, payment arrngements, P&P and taxes can be dealt with over email.
    It seems simple and obvious enough but I didn’t know untill I got the whole thing going and tested.
    I know, it may just be really dumb… but here it is the info just in case others ask the same Qs.

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