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    I was asked this morning, if I was capable of setting up a simple meal scheduler for a ladies group. Currently, they are using the site - takethemameal.com, but they would like to be able to use the web-space on the church site that was provided to them. In just a short conversation (I'll talk with them in more detail at a later time, but in the very near future). Your "Weekly Schedule" plugin seems to be just the thing I'm looking for! ;) These are 'more mature' ladies, so they would like something that is pretty user-friendly. I suggested setting up a WordPress blog (because it's super easy to use), and assured them that surely there are plugins out there that could be used as a meal scheduler - that I would check today to try and find one for them.

    In short description, what takethemameal.com does, is a user signs up and sets up a 'schedule' (for any length of time they need or want), and then other people sign up to volunteer to 'take a meal' to the schedule's 'owner'. It looks like a regular weekly/daily scheduler (similar to yours) - with start/end times, date start/end time, and a section for what meal they are bringing. Then, the volunteers that signed up to take a meal, they get a reminder anywhere from 1 to 7 days (their choice) prior to their commitment, via email (you can also choose how many times to be notified - I think it's up to 3 times). If I remember correctly, I think you also choose to select (from a drop-down menu) what kind of meal you are taking (breakfast, lunch, dinner). Then there's a description area (optional) for the volunteer to include any extra instructions, or meal-descriptions, etc.

    So my first question is ...

    If I set a wordpress blog for them, add your plugin, can other people sign up on the blog and set-up a schedule, so other people can sign-up to volunteer to 'take a meal' or whatever 'act of kindness' they wish to volunteer for? They really would like for the schedule to be used for more than just taking meals - like if an elder needs yard-work done, or their house cleaned, etc ... other people can sign up and volunteer for whatever task is needed. I hope I'm making sense? heh I'm trying to explain what I'm asking about without having to write a 10-page novel. lol

    Second question is ...

    If so, is there an option that they can check off, or select, to receive an email reminder?

    During the week, I'm going to set up a 'test' blog on my server, and play around with your plugin ... but thought I'd ask these questions first, just in case I don't come across a hidden setting, or whatever. heh

    I used to design websites, back in the days of 'simple' html. As coding changed, I had less time to 'keep up with the times'. So now, I just handle my own site - which is basically a personal blog (for now). I'm a mom of 5 kids, so I can completely understand hectic times and time constraints. lol

    Your assistance will be GREATLY appreciated~!

    Thanking You In Advance,
    Lisa :D


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