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  • I am trying to work this out for a client so I decided to try a fresh installation of wordpress. I downloaded the most recent version of WP, web-optimizer and the WP plugin for web-optimizer.

    After installing WP, i uploaded the web-optimizer package, and then proceeded to activate the plugin. I recieved a Fatal Error while activating; however, no error is displayed. Furthermore the pages of the website now no longer load.

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    As much as I appreciate the link, it does not apply to the problem at hand. As I said, when you click activate, the plug-in generates a fatal error that has no description. Specifically:

    Plugin could not be activated because it triggered a fatal error.

    No further details.

    Further testing has indeed yielded a new insight. After running the script through X Debugger I achieved the following explanation.

    Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in C:\workspace\wordpress\wp-content\plugins\web-optimizer\controller\admin.php on line 794

    It’s odd, since it throws a warning, but I guess any error is considered fatal by the WordPress templating system.

    More specifically the error occurs after the following call:
    admin->set_options( ) ..\web.optimizer.wordpress.php
    Remember of course the error is in the function set_options() in the file admin.php as stated above. Not in the wordpress plugin file for web-optimizer.

    Alright, I’ve deleted all the data, and re-installed everything. The admin-set_options( ) error is gone; however, There is still the same fatal error present. I do now have this detail:

    Rendering of template admin_container.php failed.
    Debug info:
    Looking for file in:
        * C:/workspace/wordpress/wp-admin/view/admin_container.php
        * view/admin_container.php
    Server info:
        * Document root: C:/workspace
        * Script name: /wordpress/wp-admin/plugins.php

    This is running WP 2.8.4 on xampp for windows with the two most recent download-able files

    As I am not getting any response here, I am going to open up a support ticket on the google code website.

    knichol, thx for investigation. I’ve made a fix to prevent set_options issue in the future.

    A lot of issues are located in communication between WP plugin and Web Optimizer core. I think that active testing from WP community can help in their elimination. So I will be grateful for any bug reports.

    We’re making some progress. The blank site problem is a simple solution apparently. The synchronization between WP and the plug-in for activation is faulty.

    After you activate the plug-in (ignoring the fatal error which has been deemed a bug.) You have to modify the file web-optimizer/config.webo.php change the line $compress_options['active'] = "0"; to read $compress_options['active'] = "1"; this should prevent the blank screen. I am now having to deal with no css or images loading.

    Guys, we have debug version of this plugin here

    Please try to install it and send me content of /web.optimizer.debug.txt from your website root. This will help to resolve these issues

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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