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  • Like all other server-side (PHP-based) applications, Wassup does have an impact on your host server CPU usage. Your blog visitors, your admin activities, and your plugins all impact that usage. How much of an impact Wassup has has never been measured, but it is safe to say that Wassup’s CPU usage gets larger as it’s tables get large.

    You can reduce the amount of load WassUp consumes by keeping your table size down (see Wassup->Options), by not using Wassup widgets (both in the theme and dashboard), by reducing the frequency of page reloads in “Wassup Detail”, and by viewing “Top Ten” lists and “Wassup-spy” less frequently. In the end though, it is your high visitor count that is impacting your CPU quota most, not Wassup.

    You would probably benefit greatly from a caching plugin. If you install a page-based caching plugin like wp-supercache, however, WassUp will no longer work and you will have to uninstall it.


    my advised is to remove any built in stats reporting tool like Wassup and few others….

    Even i am running a site with 2000 visitors per day on a dedicated server…i am having high load too…after disable it, it never happen at all…right now, i use google analytics to track my visitors….

    this is based on my personal experience..forget about “live” reporting too…when the traffic come, it will come…. 🙂

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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