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  • Wapple architect started out great for me. It allowed me to mobilize my website in minutes. Of course some features were missing- like being able to create a custom, static home page… But with some unnecessary tweaking, I was able to figure that one out on my own.

    Now Wapple has spoiled its once golden image by deciding to plaster huge- and we’re talking HUGE ads atop every single one of your mobile website pages. Its sort of like how a dog likes to make his mark by pissing on a street-light.

    I hope to god now that someone makes a new mobile plugin that trumps Wapple and cripples these capitalist-minded pigs who fail so miserably at understanding what true ‘open source’ philosophy is all about.

    Thanks for nothing, Wapple.

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  • Yeah, I just developed an mobile plugin for a different software that didn’t have one, and then I came to good ol’ WordPress, and had to do the same thing. But this is WordPress we’re talking about- why reinvent the wheel? Wapple was the first thing that came up, and they don’t mention -anywhere- anything about keys or accounts or money. They just tell you about all the features they have, and this is a plugin for a free, open-sourced blog software.

    So, I install it, and I need a dev key. “Okay”, I think, “this is probably an anti-spam measure; I can’t blame them at all.” and then I find out they’re going to advertise on content that doesn’t belong to them to do something that some quick PHP and a list of user agents can do by themselves? All of this on a free blogging software? Is the irony lost on them?

    Anyhow, I don’t know if I’d quite call them capitalistic pigs, but, I’m certainly never happy with people trying to bring capitalism into open-source. Especially when it’s one facet of it. If everyone had their way, most WordPress sites would have like, six copyrights for people/groups that have nothing to do with the content generation of the site, and the owner would be paying several different groups monthly just to be able to use their plugins on a free platform.

    It’s all just nonsense. Have some decency, Wapple. :-/

    I second Mopquill and Thekat, Have some decency, Wapple

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