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  • nickaster


    So I know this is a problem which has cropped up from time to time around here but none of the threads around here seems to give a definitive solution.

    My front page has been throwing a 404 over the last few days (only for non-logged in users). I clear cache and it’s fine for a while, until I notice it again or someone writes in to complain.

    I realize there are about a zillion possible factors behind this and it’s virtually impossible to replicate or isolate.

    But – since I know this is a common problem, has anyone kept track of some of the most common things that cause this? And how to put a more permanent solution in place? Right now I can only fix it when I notice it…

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  • Alas… no concepts?

    Happened to me 3 times in 24 hours until I disabled the plugin. I had not updated or done anything to the site in a long time. Cleared the cache every time.

    I had been fine before that, not sure why this happened multiple times all of a sudden. Being woken up in the middle of the night by Pingdom notifications is not cool…

    yeah, it’s so bizarre. The problem has only happened once in the last week. So guess it’s sorta gone, but very odd that it happens.

    Yep, same problem.
    Could happen three times a day, or once per month
    No solution except cleared the cache manually (Performance Menu) every time. 🙁

    I have the same problem – some pages on my site randomly return a 404. Any solutions?

    For us, (and your milage may vary) We had to switch from APC cache to disk cache for object caching to solve the problem. (even thought one would think this would have something to do with Disk caching).

    Thanks, but my install is set up to use disk cache already for object caching, so I don’t think that’s it in my case.

    I have been similarly affected. Frequent but intermittent 404 errors, immediately resolved by clearing the cache. I just had one page get a 404 twice this morning.

    Btw I gave up on this problem and switched to WP Super Cache. This plugin has too many problems.

    It just happened again on the same article; 3rd time today.

    I browsed to the w3tc cache folder for this specific article, and sure enough “_index.html” exists but contains a cached copy of my 404 page. If I view the cached page “_index_high.html”, the page is fine.

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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