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  • Hi
    Will this plugin work with dynamic content (like random images, random posts)?
    Of course it is a contradiction between dynamic content and caching. I’ve skipped WP Super cache because it is said to “freeze” the displayed content. (Nothing bad said about that plugin, there is a reason why it is so popular :o)

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  • There are hooks to allow WP Super Cache to not cache static components in your theme. W3TC on the other hand will cache the output of WP, to make your site more dynamic you can either:

    • use javascript
    • lower the expiry time of your pages
    • exclude some pages from being cached entirely

    Thanks Frederick – could you tell me if your plugin deletes the cache on updating of a post, or submission of a new comment?

    many thanks.

    Yes, all of the events that modify posts (creation, editing, comments etc) all invalidate the cache.

    Thanks Frederick.

    I have the same problem where a section on my sites displays dynamic content that changes on every page refresh.

    It would be great if W3TC also had similar hooks like WP Super Cache to not cache the output of a certain function just like you can tell W3TC to not cache the query for a certain database table.

    Many people including myself use WP as a CMS to build all sort of different sites and not just blogs.

    It would be fantastic if this functionality could be implemented in W3TC as that way I could use W3TC on all my other sites built on WP.

    Thank you for your hard work on this awesome cache plugin.

    I know. This feature has already been scheduled for a future release.

    Hi Frederick,

    It would be great to have hooks to allow W3TC to not cache static components.
    Will this feature be released in the next version of W3TC?



    Absolutely dying for this feature.

    This, with the existing code will kill all the other cache plugins.

    Trust me, there are even better features in the road map.

    hello, nice plugin! is this feature already in the latest version? because we’re planning to change our caching plugin, only if we can make some parts/content of the page dynamic.. like rotating banner or images?

    thanks! 🙂

    Yes please.

    Is this feature available in ver 0.9?

    How do we enable it?

    Where can we find instructions on configuration?

    Peace be with you.


    The development version is available here: and the FAQ contains instructions on fragment caching options.

    Frederick, can’t seem to find the instructions for fragment caching in the 0.9 FAQ.

    I’ve also replied to a support ticket email from this morning.


    Here are some examples:

    Example 1:
    <!– mfunc any PHP code –><!– /mfunc –>

    Example 2:
    <!– mfunc –>any PHP code<!– /mfunc –>

    Example 3:
    <!– mclude path/to/file.php –><!– /mclude –>

    Example 4:
    <!– mclude –>path/to/file.php<!– /mclude –>

    Also spaces can be used and letters in any case:

    Example 5:
    <!–MFUNC –>
    echo rand();
    <!–/mfunc –>

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 27 total)
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